Michael Dado

Coos County Surveyor Michael Dado is running for county surveyor again in the current May election. He is running uncontested.

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COOS COUNTY — For the past nine years, Michael Dado has held the title of Coos County Surveyor.

He is running for the position again on the May ballot, uncontested.

Dado began surveying in 1974 when he went looking for a summer job. He said he got hired to a survey crew and enjoyed it so much he never went back to college.

“I continued to work as a surveyor and came to this area in 1978 and have been here ever since,” he said, having moved to the area from Northern California.

As county surveyor, his office keeps the original survey maps that “have been filed since the beginning of the survey records for the county,” he said. His office also maintains the Public Land Survey System Corners, or Government Corners, which control the position of surveys in the county.

Dado said thousands of historic markers are used by surveyors for projects that include setting timber lines. At least once every 20 years, his crew will go out and chop brush away from these markers so they can be easily found by surveyors in the area.

In the winter, he has worked closely with the county road department due to the amount of water damage to culverts and roads.

“We take a site condition survey, so when a road washes out and the culvert is gone we take shots and create a drawing of what it looks like,” he said. From that he can calculate the amount of fill dirt is needed to fix the damage and what repairs need to be made.

Over the past nine years, one of Dado’s biggest projects was the reroute of East Beaver Hill Road, which was washed out five years ago during a heavy storm.

“There was a big slide and the road went down the canyon,” Dado said of the road that connects Bandon and Coquille. “It was heavily used ....”

Outside of the busy winter months, Dado says he looks forward to taking care of those who come to his office asking for survey maps or are doing research on properties.

“It’s very historical,” he said. “The earliest surveyors were in Coos County in 1857, two years before we were even a state and we have records that go that far. If you’re into history, it’s a wonderful field. I’m happy to be the county surveyor and hope to be for a while to come.”

Ballots have been mailed to voters. Election Day is May 19.  

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