Coos County Forest Tour

Coos County Forester Lance Morgan points out a potential land purchase for the county to group of community members and Coos County Commissioner John Sweet in 2018.

COOS COUNTY — Coos County Commissioners approved the purchase of new forest lands Tuesday morning that would add about 600 acres to the Coos County Forest.

The new land, which is located on Seven Devils Road near Big Creek in Coos Bay, is estimated to cost the county about $1.5 million.

According to County Counsel Nathaniel Johnson, who spoke at Tuesday’s meeting, the board had previously discussed and authorized Coos County Forester Lance Morgan to make an offer on the property.

In order to complete the transaction, the board also delegated and authorized Morgan to sign all the documents necessary to finalize the purchase. The funds to purchase the land will come from the county’s forestry fund.

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