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COOS COUNTY — Election results are in, but here’s a look at how Coos County voters weighed in on statewide races.

For U.S. Representative District 4, Peter DeFazio won the state vote at 55.90 percent with Art Robinson behind at 40.99 percent.

However, Coos County numbers told a different story. Robinson ended the night with the most votes in the county with 14,535 ballots, putting him at 51.47 percent. DeFazio ended the night with 12,900 Coos County votes, putting him at 45.68 percent.

For Oregon Governor, Kate Brown won the state vote at 49.95 percent with Knute Buehler behind at 43.82 percent. In Coos County, Buehler took the majority of the vote with 16,231 ballots, putting him at 57.56 percent. Kate Brown only took 9,442 Coos County votes, putting her at 33.48 percent.

For State Senator District 1 results, Dallas Heard won the state vote at 64.31 percent, leaving Shannon Souza behind at 35.53 percent. In Coos County, Heard also won the vote at 7,327 ballots, putting him at 61.98 percent and leaving Souza with 4,481 votes, putting her at 37.90 percent.

For State Representative 1st District, David Brock Smith won the state vote at 68.54 percent, leaving Eldon Rollins behind at 31.15 percent. Coos County voters reflected the state majority, putting Smith with 7,872 votes and 69.65 percent and Rollins with 3,735 votes at 32.10 percent.

As for the statewide measures, here is how Coos County voted.

For Measure 102, which would allow bonds for financing affordable housing, was approved by voters across the state at 56.69 percent. But Coos County voters told a different story, with 14,606 voting “no,” placing it at 53.07 percent.

For Measure 103, which would prohibit taxes and fees on “groceries,” was voted down by the state at 57.37 percent. However, 15,785 voted “yes,” putting it at 56.19 percent.

For Measure 104, which would expand application requirement that three-fifths legislative majority approve bills on raising revenue, it was voted down in the statewide vote at 65.25 percent. Coos County reflected that by also voting it down with 15,811 votes, putting it at 57.44 percent.

For Measure 105 to repeal law limiting resources to enforce immigration, the statewide vote put it down at 63.30 percent. Coos County also voted it down with 14,229 votes, putting it at 51.02 percent.

Finally, for Measure 106 to prohibit spending public funds for abortion, the statewide vote put it down at 64.45 percent. Coos County also voted it down at 51.02 percent.

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