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Incumbent John Sweet holds a strong lead in the Coos County Commissioner Position No. 2 in Tuesday’s primary election, according to unofficial results from the Coos County Elections Office. The commissioner received 46.33 percent of the votes, totaling 6,862 votes, in the unofficial final count.

Sweet has run much of his campaign on welcoming outside companies to boost the local economy of Coos County. Challenger Katy Eymann placed second with 4,187 votes (28.27 percent). Eymann, known throughout the community for the most part as a one issue candidate, said she welcomed the title as long as it informed voters of the importance of the LNG terminal issue.

She said she’s been proud of the campaign she’s run and has prepared herself for whatever is to come.

“If I don’t win it will be OK,” said Eymann. “I will continue to be a community activist and fight for what’s best for Coos County.”

Fellow candidate Steven Scheer mentioned late last week if he were given the news that he did not win he would be fine with the results. According to the unofficial final results, Scheer is seen trailing behind Eymann with 2,813 votes (18.99 percent).

“Knowledge is power and we as the public should hold the power,” said Scheer. “If I win I’d be thankful to the people who voted for me and if I lose than that’s what the people want, that’s democracy.”

At the bottom of the polls, Dale Pennie received 915 votes, about 6.18 percent. Pennie was not available for comment. The candidate was recently sentenced to 30 days in jail after violating probation on past city code violations. 

According to the election rules, if no candidates receive majority of the votes, then the two candidates with the highest number of votes will be nominated to have their names printed on the general election ballot. For now, position seat No. 2 will have Sweet and Eymann going head to head in November. 

As for Coos County Commission seat no. 3 incumbent Melissa Cribbins has won yet again. The commissioner received 7,969 votes (55.47 percent) in the unofficial final count. Cribbins has focused much of her campaigning on improving local tourism for the area.

In second place, Natalie Ranker received 3,468 votes (24.14 percent). Ranker said she would have been thrilled to win the seat, but had she not, she would still be an active resident.

“I don’t plan to let the county commissioner off that easily,” said Ranker. “I have been a thorn to their side for a good number of years and I plan on keeping an eye on the county.”

Following in last place landed Avery Horton with 2,868 votes (19.96 percent). Horton was very vocal about being a change for the county and switching things up.

According to the Coos County Election Office, the results as of 11 p.m. are the final numbers received, but in about two weeks will have the final numbers in. 

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