COOS COUNTY — Coos County Board of Commissioners OK’d county staff last week to begin its process in creating a new non-taxing transportation district for Coos County Area Transit.

The new formation, if passed, would transfer authority over CCAT’s operations from Coos County Commissioners to a newly elected board of directors.

County Counsel Nathanial Johnson told commissioners last week the next steps in initialing the new structure would be to reach out to the seven municipalities within the county on whether or not they would be interested in joining the new district.

Driver in training David Hanna pulls a Coos County Area Transit bus Wednesday into the company's yard in Coos Bay. New funding aimed to improv…

Each city that chooses to enter will have until Jan. 22 to pass and submit a copy of its resolution declaring its participation. Once received, the county will hold two public hearings on the matter and then follow up with a formal order adopting its formation.

Currently, CCAT operates as a county service district with the county commissioners governing its affairs. No new taxes will be collected from residents in regards to the new formation and its funding sources will remain the same.

At the board meeting, Johnson spoke of a few of the upsides to forming the new district which would include increasing its efficiency and its directors being directly plugged in on its happenings. On the other end, he said with it being a new board there might possibly be a bit of a learning curve for its directors in operating its own district.

The board of directors will be elected on the next available election date either in May or November. The current CCAT county service district will remain operational until the county deems the new board ready to take full control.

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