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POWERS — Six people have applied to fill the Powers City Council seat vacated by Shirley Burgess, including two former councilors.

One of the candidates, Joseph George, was among the three councilors removed from the council by recall election last fall. Joining George in applying are former councilor Leo Grandmontagne, former Powers Mayor Jeannine LeCuyer, former White Cedar Days chairwoman Debbie North, and Powers residents Michael Maffei and Vickie Caughell.

Five out of the six candidates are retired; only North is still employed, working as a postal worker and college instructor. Four of the candidates referenced having a college education in their application: Maffei, North, Caughell and LeCuyer.

Though only Grandmontagne and George had prior experience on the council, every applicant listed some form of governmental experience. In addition, every applicant but George provided a written "statement of interest" in the position.

  • "Rejuvenation of the community. Settle development of the water/sewer issues," Maffei wrote.
  • "I would like to help the city achieve solidarity in the operations of day to day business to see Powers become a viable community in the future," North wrote.
  • "I am a retired, energetic person with lots of ideas. The present city council has been working so hard and trying to support community ideals and I would like to be a positive part of this community," Caughell wrote.
  • "Because of my experience in government and education, I believe I could be a good contributor to the workings of the city council. My volunteer work in the community could also be a benefit to the council. I have lived in Powers 28 plus years and love the community. I believe that my commitment to the Powers community could be a benefit to the council," LeCuyer wrote.
  • "Correct over-spending," Grandmontagne wrote.

Whoever is selected to fill the vacant position will serve a term that expires on Dec. 31 of this year.

The Powers City Council is expected to vote on the new councilor at its May 17 meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. at Ross Hall, 570 Third Avenue in Powers.

Reporter Andrew Sheeler can be reached at 541-269-1222, ext. 234, or by email at andrew.sheeler@theworldlink.com. Follow him on Twitter: @andrewsheeler.


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