Pelican Harbor Food Bank (copy)

Hundreds of cars lined up Saturday, April 18 at the Pony Village Mall to grab free food from the Pelican Harbor Food Bank. The independent food bank works year-round to help families in need and currently delivers free food boxes each Thursday. 

NORTH BEND — Pelican Harbor Food Bank continues to deliver USDA food boxes every Thursday in the Pony Village Mall parking lot.

The organization is distributing about 850 boxes each week. The boxes are about 30 pounds and include milk, butter, cheese, fresh meat and produce.

There are no residency or income requirements to receive a food box and people do not need to sign up ahead of time. Food boxes can be picked up starting about 10 a.m. each Thursday.

The Knights of Columbus, which helps Pelican Harbor deliver the food each week, had hoped to add Friday deliveries in Coos Bay, but those are on hold because of a hang-up arranging trucking of the food to the Bay Area.

For more information, call 541-756-6696 or visit


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