COOS COUNTY — The Oregon Dept. of Environmental quality issued five citations in Coos County this year, totaling nearly $50,000. These included two air quality violations, two water citations and an issue involving a storage tank.

Knife River Materials

Knife River Materials was issued multiple citations related to the Kenstone Quarry in North Bend. On Jan. 22, the company was alerted to $18,000 in fines. These fines were related to issues with the quarry’s storm water “turbidity,” or cloudiness, and failure to submit a corrective action plan. The site was also cited, but not fined, for problems with record-keeping and for submitting an inaccurate report.

According to the citation, the sediment in the storm water could harm fish and other organisms, as well as lowering the water quality in the nearby creek.

The storm water was tested in December of 2018. First, the water upstream of the facility was tested, then the water downstream was tested. There were 78 times the number of particulates downstream compared to upstream.

Also according to the citation, the company was alerted to the problem and given 30 days to submit a plan to fix it. They did not submit a plan. Further, they did not keep records of their education program or complete records of their containment system and pond inspections.

Further, the citation states that the company submitted an annual report which contained the results of discharge monitoring and results from an outside laboratory. The results in the report did not match the results from the outside lab.

The company paid the fine in full, according to DEQ. The World did reach out to Knife River Materials, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Roseburg Forest Products

On April 24, Roseburg Forest Products was issued a $22,800 fine for alleged air quality issues with its facility in Coquille. The citation states that “opacity limits” were exceeded on two separate days close to a month apart. This means that the emissions from the facility’s boiler contained more pollutants than were allowed, as measured by the DEQ.

Specifically, when the boiler’s emissions were measured, they exceeded the limit by at least 10%. In two measurements from June 22, 2019, the boiler’s emissions were 97.2%, which is nearly five times the limit allowed by the facility’s permit.

According to the DEQ, the company paid the fine in full. The World reached out to Roseburg Forest Products but did not receive a response in time for publication.

The City of Coquille

The water citation was issued to the City of Coquille on March 3 for allegedly allowing too many pollutants to discharge from the city’s wastewater plant. The penalty for this infraction was $3,600.  

The pollutants were measured by how many pounds of suspended solids were measured in the effluent, or liquid waste. Different days have different limits on this measurement, but the city allegedly exceeded the various limits 15 times between February 24, 2019 and January 12, 2020.

The city paid the fine in full, according to DEQ.

O’Bryan Market

On January 3, O’Bryan Market, in North Bend, was issued a citation for alleged violations involving underground storage tanks. The company was issued a $2,003 fine.

According to the citation, the company was late in submitting training records and had not submitted proof of insurance. Also according to the citation, “permittees must demonstrate that they have the financial resources to pay the costs of cleaning up a release of petroleum and for compensating third parties for damages caused by the release.”

According to the DEQ, the company did not appeal the citation. It is past the deadline for the company to submit an appeal.

Donald Repplinger

On April 24, Donald Repplinger of Sheridan was issued a citation for burning a demolished travel trailer in Coos Bay. The burning occurred on Dec. 6, 2018. According to the citation, the materials allegedly burned by Repplinger included “plastics, wire insulation and other manmade materials that emit dense smoke or noxious odors when burned.” Repplinger was fined $1,800.

According to the citation, the open burning of these types of materials is prohibited at all times in the state of Oregon. Repplinger appealed the fine, according to the DEQ.

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