Commercial Season

Commercial Dungeness crab is one of Oregon’s most iconic and valuable fisheries, contributing millions to our coastal communities.

Even with some rough weather and worker shortages up and down the coast slowing things down towards the end of December, the 2021-22 Dungeness crab season has already managed to surpass the previous season in landings and ex-vessel value - in just one month.

As of January 4, the Oregon Dungeness crab fleet has landed 12.8 million pounds of the delicious official Oregon state crustacean sensation that is found right off the coast. This has been helped by a season that started on-time, on December 1, for the first time in seven years.

“We’re so glad to see the fishermen all getting a safe start and a chance this year to have Oregon Dungeness crab for the holidays,” ODCC Executive Director Hugh Link said. “Let alone, the fact that it is injecting much needed funds into our state economy. That kind of influx is very helpful during the holiday season, especially for everyone involved in the fishery.”

The current ex-vessel value brought in through the fishery, at the docks, is $63.3 million which surpasses the $60.6 million for all last season. Using a conservative economic multiplier of two, it is estimated that the Oregon Dungeness crab fishery has already injected about $126.5 million into the state’s economy, so far, this season.

The ocean crab season along the Oregon coast begins on December 1 and continues through August 14. The peak harvest occurs during the first eight weeks of the season with up to 75% of the annual production typically landed during this period. Effort traditionally decreases in the spring as fishermen gear up for other coastal fisheries, but fresh crab continues to be available throughout the summer months thanks to a small number of boats that fish right up to the closure in August.


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