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Information provided by Coos Forest Protective Association. To view more information on fire danger levels and use restrictions, visit

Effective immediately, Fire Chief Mitchell Allen has lifted outdoor burning restrictions within Powers city limits. Outdoor burn piles and burn barrels may be used without a permit through the winter season in city limits, unless conditions require otherwise.

City staff and volunteers encourage you to follow all required safety guidelines to ensure your fire is managed safely. This includes:

  1. Minimum10 foot clearance between any burn barrel or pile and property lines, fences, buildings, trees, shrubs or combustibles. Burn barrels must have a wire mesh screen that covers the barrel opening, with holes no larger than half an inch. Barrels must be placed either on blocks or on bare ground with minimum clearance between combustibles.
  2. No unattended fires. A responsible individual must be actively monitoring the fire from no more than 20 feet at all times.
  3. Active water service with a garden hose is required to be located within 10 feet of the fire at all times for emergency extinguishing. A fire extinguisher and shovel are also recommended.
  4. Fires must be completely extinguished at dusk.
  5. Field or open burning must have a fire lane enclosing the burn area prior to ignition.
  6. If winds appear to scatter burning ashes, cease burning until the wind subsides.
  7. If outdoor temperatures reach 90 degrees, cease burning until temperatures lower.

As a reminder, it is always illegal to burn these items: household garbage; plastic; asbestos; wire insulation; automobile parts; asphalt; petroleum treated materials; painted wood and wood treated with creosote or pentachlorophenol; rubber products including tires; animal remains; animal or vegetable matter resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking or service of food; insulation, roofing paper/tiles; padded furniture and mattresses; any other material that emits dense smoke or noxious odors. To report illegal burning to Oregon DEQ, call (888) 997-7888 or (541) 269-2721.

Residents outside city limits and those using Orchard Park campground and day use area must follow regulations from Coos Forest Protection Association. For more information on fire regulations outside city limits, visit or by calling CFPA at (541) 267-3161.

Allen recommends citizens to sign up to receive emergency alerts for Coos County. You can sign up with the Coos County Emergency Mass Notification System.

1. Go to Coos County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management website:

2. Click on the Coos County Emergency Mass Notification System Everbridge signup link or type this URL into the address bar of your web browser:

3. Click on the “SIGN UP HERE” button to create your account in the notification system.

Follow the city of Powers Volunteer Fire Department on Facebook at:


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