Jordan cove Fly Over

A look from outside of Coos Bay at Jordan Cove, where Canadian energy company Pembina plans to build its LNG export terminal. 

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COOS BAY -- In the midst of the comment period for Draft Environmental Impact statement on the Jordan Cove Energy Project, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has scheduled public hearings to hear from citizens about the statement.

The FERC EIS is arguably the most important permit that the Jordan Cove LNG project is seeking as it gives the project federal approval. Public comment for the DEIS opened back in February, and will close on July 5.

There will be public hearings in each of the four Oregon counties that will be affected by the Jordan Cove Energy Project. The first of which will happen in Coos County on Monday, June 24, from 1 to 8 p.m. at Southwestern Oregon Community College’s Hale Center for the Preforming Arts. The remaining three hearings will be held in Douglas, Klamath and Jackson counties over the rest of that week.

Since the DEIS was released, many folks have already submitted written public comment online or through the mail.

Certain groups, like the Coos Bay chapter of the conservation group Surf Rider, have met since the comment period opened to talk with its members on how to effectively comment on the DEIS.

Surf Rider opposes the project, and suggested its members not be overwhelmed by the 1100 page document, and make comments on specific parts of the statement that individuals are familiar with instead of commenting on the project as a whole.

Jordan Cove parent company Pembina said it and its many supporters are looking forward to continuing to engage with neighbors in Coos, Douglas, Klamath and Jackson counties at the June FERC meetings that have now been scheduled

Pembina has previously stated that it values input and suggestions for transparency, engagement, and accessibility. In response to Oregon lawmakers calling for an extension to the 90 day comment period the company delivered printed copies of the DEIS to every major library in each impacted county, plus digital flash drives to 28 smaller libraries for free downloading.

The DEIS is also available to view on FERC’s website, which is also where comments can be submitted.

At the last public comment hearing held regarding the Jordan Cove project, the Oregon Department of State Lands received thousands of verbal comments during hearings for the project’s removal-fill permit.

DSL said that approximately 49,000 to 57,000 people commented in total on the removal-fill permit. The FERC DEIS being a federal permit application even more comments are expected.

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