Southwestern Oregon Community College

Tioga Hall on the Southwestern Oregon Community College campus in Coos Bay.

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COOS BAY — Southwestern Oregon Community College students who have excelled during fall term were honored by placement on the college’s dean’s, honor roll and academic excellence lists. Students must have had at least 12 credit hours.

Academic excellence students earned a 4.0 GPA; Honor roll students earned 3.5-3.99 GPA; and Dean's list students earned a 3.0-3.49 GPA.


Mary Busso, Academic Excellence

Raebecca Davis, Honor Roll

Ernest Garrett, Honor Roll

Kelsie Hoskinson, Dean's List

Alyson Hoskinson, Honor Roll

Rylie Houck, Academic Excellence

Jordan Houck, Dean's List

Amanda Kastning, Honor Roll

Marissa Lakey, Dean's List

Matthew Lamothe, Honor Roll

Steven Lozano, Dean's List

Mikayla Mache, Academic Excellence

Kaitlyn McElroy, Academic Excellence

Nick Turner, Academic Excellence

Jason Wilhite, Academic Excellence

Shelby Zanzi, Dean's List

Tiffiany Peters, Academic Excellence


Bethany Beer, Dean's List

Raymond Branion, Dean's List

Cara Dailey, Honor Roll

Anthony Erkkila, Academic Excellence

Garrett Foyil, Academic Excellence

Parker Gotfried, Academic Excellence

Katie Horn, Dean's List

Jason Liddell, Dean's List

Ayembria Lopez, Academic Excellence

Julie Nelson, Honor Roll

Alexis Pacino, Honor Roll

Darlene Pereo, Honor Roll

Casey Rogers, Honor Roll

Steven Scruggs, Dean's List

Michael Smith, Dean's List

Carmen Swift, Academic Excellence

Coos Bay

Amy Annaloro, Honor Roll

Jose Arellano, Academic Excellence

Morgan Bacon, Dean's List

Sebastian Bartlett, Dean's List

Jennifer Barton, Honor Roll

Janessa Baumgarner, Dean's List

Madison Beam, Dean's List

Kyla Berg, Academic Excellence

Kaitlynn Binning, Dean's List

Trisha Bishop, Honor Roll

Christian Black, Dean's List

Hayden Brick, Honor Roll

Valen Burfield, Dean's List

Christina Calhoun, Honor Roll

Shayla Campbell, Academic Excellence

Holly Cantrell, Academic Excellence

Cherrish Capps, Dean's List

Cassidy Carr, Honor Roll

Cassandra Casey, Dean's List

Isaiah Cervantes, Honor Roll

Brianna Chapanar, Academic Excellence

Aaliyah Chavez, Honor Roll

Serenia Church, Dean's List

Shamani Compton, Dean's List

Justin Cooper, Honor Roll

Tonya Cornell, Academic Excellence

Jordan Cummings, Dean's List

Austin Cybulski, Dean's List

Braden Denton, Dean's List

Alejandro Dominguez-Alvarez, Academic Excellence

Julie Dominque, Honor Roll

Darrell Donhoff, Academic Excellence

Keura Donhoff, Dean's List

Randolph Dresser, Dean's List

Rilan Durrant, Academic Excellence

Kendall Ehlin, Honor Roll

Jason Fadely, Academic Excellence

Jaime Flores-Garcia, Honor Roll

Kasandra Freerksen, Honor Roll

Jennifer Gill, Academic Excellence

Casey Gillett, Academic Excellence

Jonathan Graber, Dean's List

Sierra Grint, Academic Excellence

Victor Guevara, Honor Roll

Jonathan Hammon, Dean's List

Rebecca Hansen, Honor Roll

John Harder, Dean's List

Leah Harrison, Academic Excellence

Ashleigh Harvey, Academic Excellence

Stephanie Higgins, Dean's List

Nicholas Holder, Academic Excellence

Carly Homenyk, Dean's List

Shawna Houston, Academic Excellence

Chase Howerton, Dean's List

Kimberly Huckabee, Academic Excellence

Anna Hutchins, Honor Roll

Clarissa Jeffries, Academic Excellence

Cheyne Johnson, Academic Excellence

Evan Johnson, Dean's List

Erin Jordan, Dean's List

Chase Kazzee, Dean's List

Karli Kinney, Academic Excellence

Cheyenne Kinney, Honor Roll

Alexander Kliewer, Dean's List

Kristopher Kohler, Academic Excellence

Michael Kwiecinski, Dean's List

Amanda Larsen, Honor Roll

James Lee, Dean's List

Tristin Lemmons, Dean's List

Mandy Lawson, Honor Roll

Troy Liggett, Academic Excellence

Sarah Lowther, Academic Excellence

James Lucero, Honor Roll

Genevieve Martinez, Honor Roll

Alexander Mennemeyer, Dean's List

Philip Metz, Honor Roll

Ravyn Miranda, Dean's List

Kyra Montez, Honor Roll

Stephen Morris, Dean's List

Adrian Muth, Honor Roll

Trevor Niehoff, Honor Roll

Tabatha Northrop, Honor Roll

Nerissa Patrick, Dean's List

Aaron Pike, Academic Excellence

Max Ribail, Honor Roll

Ian Richwine, Honor Roll

Larissa Roberts, Academic Excellence

Tiffany Robertson, Dean's List

Nicholas Sanchez, Dean's List

Keith Selanoff, Dean's List

Korina Shipstad, Honor Roll

Alexander Snow, Academic Excellence

Dylan Stark, Dean's List

Parker Stocker, Academic Excellence

Taylor Sylvester, Dean's List

Micah Tardie, Dean's List

Christopher Teese, Dean's List

Jordyn Tippett, Academic Excellence

Emily Treskey, Dean's List

Shayonna Tripp, Academic Excellence

Kaila Tripp, Academic Excellence

Sarah Tucker, Academic Excellence

Taylor VanHorne, Honor Roll

Ashley Warrick, Dean's List

Rhianna Wear, Dean's List

Kinnidi West, Honor Roll

Connor Williams, Honor Roll

Syletta Wilson, Academic Excellence

Jordan Wilson, Dean's List

Kayla Wyatt, Academic Excellence

Kori Heisen, Academic Excellence

Donna Miller-Crabtree, Academic Excellence

Jose Alberto Ramirez-Duarte, Honor Roll


Lily Bergstedt, Dean's List

Vera Bernhardt, Academic Excellence

Shianne Busch, Dean's List

Benjamin Hallmark, Honor Roll

Arnold Hill, Academic Excellence

Logan Jones, Honor Roll

Morgan McNeely, Dean's List

Matthew Miller, Academic Excellence

Grace-Ann Nichols, Honor Roll

Josiah Perkins, Honor Roll

Jessica Ross, Dean's List

Saul Soto, Honor Roll

Haley Van Pelt, Dean's List

Gail Young, Academic Excellence

Larissa Zgraggen, Academic Excellence

Crescent City, Calif.

Monika Gambrell, Academic Excellence

Bailey Lesina, Academic Excellence

Jamie Sperling, Academic Excellence


Jeffrey Larson, Honor Roll

Jared Mannis, Dean's List

Gold Beach

Mercedes Allen, Honor Roll

Malaika Bacon, Dean's List

Jena Capps, Academic Excellence

Brycen Common, Academic Excellence

Angel Lampke, Honor Roll

Holly Reynolds, Honor Roll

Kassidy Stewart, Honor Roll


Gracie Fox, Dean's List

Travis Reed, Dean's List

Robert Rodriguez, Dean's List


Anders Foster, Dean's List

Myrtle Point

Sharon Helms, Academic Excellence

Joseph Johnson, Dean's List

Chancy Johnson, Dean's List

Jaden Justice, Academic Excellence

Alannah Kenyon, Dean's List

Breanne Kinney, Honor Roll

Katelin Lister, Dean's List

Kylee Lively, Academic Excellence

Brianna Mowe, Honor Roll

Tori Renard, Dean's List

Amanda Sartor, Honor Roll

Nessa West, Honor Roll

North Bend

Joshua Anjali, Academic Excellence

Kevin Ballard, Honor Roll

Steven Baxter, Dean's List

Shane Black, Dean's List

Harold Boesch, Academic Excellence

Angela Boyd, Dean's List

Ryan Chard, Honor Roll

Harlee Christopher, Dean's List

Gabrielle Claiborne, Honor Roll

Jessica Collins, Dean's List

Abigail Curtis, Honor Roll

Courtney Edwards, Honor Roll

Jamie Flanagan, Honor Roll

Trinity Forester, Dean's List

Kijana Gantenbein, Academic Excellence

Jamie Garote, Dean's List

Audrey Gill, Dean's List

Brianna Graham, Dean's List

Nichole Grover, Honor Roll

Amelia Harvey, Dean's List

Thomas Hiatt, Honor Roll

Alyssa Hutchings, Dean's List

Ashlee Imhoff, Honor Roll

Lindsay Janzer, Dean's List

Joseph Johnston, Dean's List

Alice Keating, Academic Excellence

Heather Kirkby, Honor Roll

Marcus Lemos, Honor Roll

Erica Londagin, Academic Excellence

Skylar Lucas, Academic Excellence

Cooper Lynn, Academic Excellence

Shelbi Miller, Honor Roll

Jessica Mitts, Academic Excellence

Cheyenne Neet, Dean's List

Zoey Nelson, Dean's List

Nicholas Nodzak, Honor Roll

Andrew ODonnell, Dean's List

Rachel Oman, Academic Excellence

Ruth Peet, Academic Excellence

Pamela Rath, Honor Roll

Alexis Rolen, Honor Roll

Joshua Ryan, Dean's List

Elizabeth Seldon, Academic Excellence

Taylor Shea, Dean's List

Timothy Shupe, Academic Excellence

Ray Slocomb, Honor Roll

Haley Snelgrove, Academic Excellence

Ashley Stadden, Honor Roll

Chandlor Stauff, Excellence

Hayden Strebendt, Honor Roll

Brody Sutton, Dean's List

Michael Swanson, Dean's List

John Thomas, Dean's List

David Timm, Academic Excellence

Geneva Varga, Academic Excellence

Tiffiney Watters, Honor Roll

Miles Wheeler, Honor Roll

Corbin White, Honor Roll

Woody Williams, Honor Roll

Joshua Wilson, Academic Excellence

Kalandria Wisbey North Bend OR Dean's List

Emily Wolf, Dean's List

Anthony Valencia, Academic Excellence

Port Orford

Cissy Williams, Academic Excellence

Anthony Williams, Dean's List

Katie Witt, Academic Excellence

Gabriella McCutcheon, Academic Excellence


Kristine Campo, Honor Roll

Christina Crockett, Honor Roll

Paula Fugate, Academic Excellence

Taylor Joy, Dean's List

Cherokee Lyon, Academic Excellence

Alexia Rodriguez, Honor Roll

Michael Stanley, Academic Excellence

Katarina Ziska, Dean's List

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