COOS BAY – Southwestern Oregon Community College announces the names of students who excelled fall term 2018-2019. These students are being recognized with placement on the college’s Dean’s List (DL), Honor Roll (HR) and Academic Excellence (AE) list.

  • Academic Excellence – students must receive a GPA of 4.0 in at least 12 credits
  • Honor Roll – students must receive a GPA between 3.5 and 3.99 in at least 12 credits
  • Dean’s List – students must receive a GPA between 3.0 and 3.49 in at least 12 credits

Southwestern Oregon Community College leads and inspires lifelong learning through its campuses on the south Oregon coast in Coos and Curry counties, and through its University Center. For more information, visit www.socc.edu.


Kristine Campo, Academic Excellence; Christina Crockett, Dean's List; Jacob Faber, Honor Roll; Alexandrea Foley, Dean's List; Austin Friedrich, Academic Excellence; Anna Shields, Academic Excellence; Jacob Stickle, Academic Excellence; Katelynn Swift, Dean's List; Paul Weeden, Dean's List.


Laura Johnson, Honor Roll;  Jared Mannis, Academic Excellence; Ajia Mannis, Honor Roll; Anthony Perez, Dean's List.


Brock Adams, Honor Roll; Leeann Fraser, Dean's List; Ernest Garrett, Honor Roll; Weston Jennings, Dean's List; Amanda Kastning, Honor Roll; Adrienne Roth, Dean's List; Tiffiany Peters, Honor Roll; Ashley Poole, Dean's List; Amanda Smith, Academic Excellence; Erin Wheeler, Academic Excellence.


Cassandra Latimer, Honor Roll.


Sarah Arriaga, Academic Excellence; Bethany Beer, Academic Excellence; Charles Dickinson, Honor Roll; Garrett Dresen. Dean's List; Jacob Foyil, Honor Roll; Garrett Foyil, Honor Roll; David Freeman, Dean's List; Marina Goodwin, Dean's List; Erik Holland, Academic Excellence; Shalene Holland, Honor Roll; Donna Miller-Crabtree, Academic Excellence; Danielle Smithers, Academic Excellence; Danner Snow, Dean's List.

Coos Bay

Iman-Tyson Abboud, Honor Roll; Haylin Alvis, Honor Roll; Rebecca Andrews, Dean's List; Maria Arellano, Honor Roll; Shelby Armistead, Honor Roll; Nefthali Arriola, Dean's List; Jacob Attebery, Academic Excellence; Uriel Barrios-Gonzales, Honor Roll; Rylee Bauer, Honor Roll; Hunter Bayne, Academic Excellence; Matthew Bell, Dean's List; Bradliegh Best, Honor Roll; Royal Beyer, Dean's List; Kaitlynn Binning, Dean's List; Ireland Bloking, Honor Roll; Maggie Box, Academic Excellence; Zachary Breitkreutz, Academic Excellence; Hayden Brick, Dean's List; Sidney Brown, Academic Excellence;  Eion Brown, Dean's List; Zachary Browning, Dean's List; Jacob Burch, Dean's List; Jamescott Carl, Dean's List; Brianna Chapanar, Academic Excellence; Dhirendra Charitar, Dean's List; Aaliyah Chavez, Dean's List; Camden Chose, Academic Excellence; Nemesia Chouinard, Honor Roll; Ryan Campbell, Honor Roll; Sydney Colledge, Academic Excellence; Bethany Cooper, Dean's List; Justin Cooper, Dean's List; Tonya Cornell, Honor Roll; Deonne Cotell, Academic Excellence; Michael Cusack, Honor Roll.

Jeremiah DeFord, Dean's List; Alieu Diaw, Dean's List; Nicholas Dixon, Dean's List; Darrell Donhoff, Dean's List; Levi Drew, Dean's List; Ryan Driscoll, Honor Roll; Brad Dubisar, Academic Excellence; Kirra Dugan, Academic Excellence; Jennifer Dungee, Dean's List; Andrew Dunning, Honor Roll; Nicholas Duskin, Honor Roll; Sheena Eickhoff, Dean's List; Bailey Eisenbarth, Academic Excellence; Bailey Elkins, Dean's List; Koby Etzwiler, Academic Excellence; Antoinette Faber, Academic Excellence; Noah Ferber, Academic Excellence; Brooke Fisher, Academic Excellence; Kayla Flint, Academic Excellence; Adolfo Flores Rodriguez, Honor Roll; Megan Foord, Academic Excellence; Jacob Ford, Academic Excellence; Alexander Forster, Honor Roll; Jenna Frank, Academic Excellence; Kimberly Frazier, Dean's List; Leelah Friberg, Academic Excellence.

Alberto Garcia, Honor Roll; Kaitlyn Garrett, Dean's List; Brianna Gauvain, Dean's List; Jake Gerhardt, Academic Excellence; Colby Gillett, Dean's List; Casey Gillett, Honor Roll; Virginia Gonzales, Academic Excellence; Evelyn Gonzalez, Academic Excellence; Dameon Goodale; Academic Excellence; Rislyn Hall, Honor Roll;  Jorda Harlow, Dean's List; Arath Hernandez, Dean's List; Jasmine Herrera, Honor Roll; Arianna Herrera, Honor Roll; Andrew Hiatt, Dean's List; Alexander Hinkle, Honor Roll; Levi Hogge, Dean's List; Marlynna Hoke, Dean's List; Nicholas Holder, Academic Excellence; Meghan Holloman, Honor Roll;  Carly Homenyk, Honor Roll; Breanna Hovda, Honor Roll; Michaela Huber, Honor Roll; Hernan Ibarra Castanon, Honor Roll; Adam Inouye, Honor Roll; Sahara Iverson, Dean's List; Samantha Jackson, Dean's List; Benjamin Jacobson, Honor Roll; Anne Jakubowski, Dean's List; Qingbin Jia, Dean's List; Kyuri Jin, Honor Roll; Mackenzie Johnson, Dean's List; Evan Johnson, Honor Roll; Riley Jones, Academic Excellence; Shayla Joyce, Academic Excellence.

Chase Kazzee, Academic Excellence; Robert Kelly, Academic Excellence; Karli Kinney, Academic Excellence; Kodai Kobayashi, Honor Roll; Mersadies Kohanes, Dean's List; Kristopher Kohler, Honor Roll; Jasmine Krastes, Honor Roll; Baileigh Krause, Honor Roll; Clayton Kreuscher, Honor Roll;  Domnika Krivoshein, Dean's List; Josh Kyllo, Dean's List; Trinitey Letterman, Honor Roll; Spencer Loring, Honor Roll;  Elizabeth Lowe, Honor Roll; Izabel Lynch, Honor Roll; Brock Mahi, Academic Excellence; Daniel Martin, Dean's List; Collin McGuire, Dean's List; Jordan McGuirk, Honor Roll; Grace McKie, Honor Roll; Catherine Midcap, Dean's List; Emily Miller, Dean's List; Samantha Miller, Honor Roll; Sierra Mitchell, Academic Excellence; Ryotaro Miyashita, Dean's List; Rylee Morgan, Academic Excellence; Daniel Morris, Dean's List; Stephen Morris, Dean's List; Kelsey Morrison, Academic Excellence; Alexander Moskowitz, Dean's List; Makayla Murillo, Dean's List; Keeghan Myers, Dean's List; Ira Jean Navarro, Dean's List; Trevor Niehoff, Honor Roll; Agnese Ozola, Honor Roll.

Victoria Paredes, Dean's List; Nerissa Patrick, Academic Excellence; Nicholas Payton, Dean's List; Katie Pearce, Dean's List; Austin Peavyhouse, Honor Roll; Bailey Pederson, Honor Roll; Morgan Pennington, Academic Excellence; Jessica Petersen, Academic Excellence; Tiana Peterson, Dean's List; Andrea Porch, Dean's List; Travis Powell, Honor Roll; Jasey Ramelow, Dean's List; Megan Realander, Academic Excellence; Tina Reich, Academic Excellence; Aaron Reisenbigler, Academic Excellence; Sophie Richmond, Honor Roll; Kate Riley, Academic Excellence; Cody Riturban, Honor Roll; Hunter Robbins-Bilow, Honor Roll; Marco Robinson, Honor Roll; William Roderick, Academic Excellence; LaShawn Rodriguez, Honor Roll; Nickolas Rubin, Honor Roll;

Tatsuya Saito, Academic Excellence; Andria Santoyo, Honor Roll; Brittney Sauve, Academic Excellence; Nicklas Seeley, Dean's List; Marie Seely, Dean's List; Keith Selanoff, Dean's List; Dongcheol Seo, Dean's List; Korina Shipstad, Academic Excellence; Yuta Shoji, Dean's List; Allyssa Siegrist, Honor Roll; Kendra Silva, Dean's List; Quinn Simard, Honor Roll; Ashton Sisco, Honor Roll; Sarah Skokan, Dean's List; Miranda Smith, Academic Excellence; Jordan Smith, Academic Excellence; Caitlin Snuggerud, Academic Excellence; Taylor Stark, Dean's List; Kaila Tripp, Honor Roll; Madeline Trippett, Academic Excellence; Breanna Tupac, Academic Excellence;Dakota Turkle, Dean's List; Burtana Vidal, Honor Roll; Joshua Volden, Honor Roll; Vishal Vyas, Dean's List; Sidney Walker, Honor Roll; Kaylee Wegner, Dean's List; Kristopher Wood, Dean's List; Claire Woodham, Honor Roll; Kari Woodward, Dean's List; Andy Wright, Honor Roll; Kayla Wyatt, Academic Excellence; Jacob Wyer, Dean's List; Ayano Yukimoto, Honor Roll; Emerson Zaplatar, Honor Roll.


Lily Bergstedt, Honor Roll; Mariesha Craven, Dean's List; Chelsie Derby, Honor Roll; Ciana Duble, Dean's List; Lorri Glenn, Academic Excellence; Mattie Maggard, Dean's List; Kayla Mong, Academic Excellence; Macy Neuschwander, Dean's List; Abbie Nidever, Academic Excellence; Joshua Norton, Dean's List; Karina Perez Martinez, Honor Roll; Josiah Perkins, Honor Roll; Bethany Rowe, Dean's List; Kaylee Shrum, Academic Excellence; Cameron Sykes, Academic Excellence; Ireland Tall Hunter, Academic Excellence; Troy Thomas, Dean's List; Larissa Zgraggen, Academic Excellence.

Gold Beach

Misha Freemanm Academic Excellence; Stewart Hoskinson, Honor Roll; Angel Lampke, Dean's List; Richard Martorano, Honor Roll; Taylor Pitchford, Academic Excellence; Samuel Springer, Dean's List; Kassidy Stewart, Honor Roll.


Tamara Beardsley, Academic Excellence; Kiersten Marsh, Dean's List; Travis Reed, Honor Roll; Erin Sickles, Academic Excellence.


Aimee Fletcher, Academic Excellence; Anders Foster, Honor Roll; Roger Lobato, Honor Roll.

Myrtle Point

Ammar Asghar, Dean's List; James Bates, Academic Excellence; Daven Cagley, Honor Roll; Allyen Cuneo, Academic Excellence; Howard Hartwell, Dean's List; Chancy Johnson, Dean's List; Naomi Lillie, Academic Excellence; Maria Medina, Dean's List; Brianna Mowe, Academic Excellence; Meghan Price, Honor Roll; Ariana Sater-Brown, Honor Roll; Martin Seklecki, Academic Excellence.

North Bend

Elizabeth Ambrose,  Dean's List; Jared Baker, Academic Excellence; Kevin Ballard, Academic Excellence; Destainie Belt, Dean's List; Braden Bingham, Dean's List; Callen Brewer, Honor Roll; Teaisha Brooks, Academic Excellence; Marina Burfield, Dean's List; Harlee Christopher, Dean's List; Thomas Cline, Honor Roll; Jessica Collins, Academic Excellence; Patience Cook, Honor Roll; Jacob Copeland, Academic Excellence; Jack Crowe, Dean's List; Faith Crowell, Dean's List; Garrett Curtis, Dean's List; Mark Deane, Academic Excellence; Casey Edwards, Dean's List; Jesse Ehrmantrout, Dean's List; Marissa Engleman, Honor Roll; Cassandra Fellows, Academic Excellence; Kijana Gantenbein, Academic Excellence; Sandy German, Honor Roll; Ernest Goode, Dean's List; Aaron Grabow, Academic Excellence; Jessica Halzel, Dean's List; Amelia Harvey, Honor Roll; Jesse Hill, Academic Excellence; Cole Hornbrook, Honor Roll; Erica Hughlett, Dean's List; Christa Jackson, Academic Excellence; Lindsay Janzer, Dean's List; Benjamin Johnston, Honor Roll; Brittany Kelley, Dean's List; Lochlan Kelsay, Academic Excellence; Tessa King, Academic Excellence; Brian Kinser, Honor Roll; Heather Kirkby, Honor Roll; Amy Kronsberg, Dean's List; Regan Lavoie, Academic Excellence; Luke Lucero, Honor Roll; Genevieve Martinez, Dean's List; Jamison Mateski, Dean's List; Caleb Melton, Academic Excellence; My Nguyen, Academic Excellence; Tran Nguyen, Honor Roll; Garrett Oman, Academic Excellence; Kyler Peters, Dean's List; Michael Reasor, Honor Roll; Emily Rodley, Dean's List; Jordan Roos, Academic Excellence; Elizabeth Seldon, Academic Excellence; Katelyn Sharp, Dean's List; Sierra Smith, Honor Roll; Brody Sutton, Dean's List; Karissa Thomas, Academic Excellence; David VanDyke, Academic Excellence; Geneva Varga, Academic Excellence; Miles Wheeler, Dean's List; Kerrie Wheeler Fullerton, Honor Roll; Matthew Wick, Academic Excellence; Greg Winger, Honor Roll.

Port Orford

Ashley Hall, Honor Roll.


Emilie Fandel, Dean's List; Janel Thornton, Academic Excellence.