Marshfield Junior High

Pictured is an artistic rendering of what Coos Bay School's new Marshfield Junior High will look like once finished in 2021. 

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COOS BAY — Should Coos Bay’s new junior high mascot be a parrot, a buccaneer, or maybe a mariner?

The Coos Bay School District is inviting the public to choose a new mascot for Marshfield Junior High by voting in an online survey.

The district chose to create a mascot for the brand new school as the former junior high's mascot, “The Redskins,” was deemed no longer appropriate.

In the past few decades, the district's seventh- and eighth-grade students were split between Sunset and Millicoma middle schools, which had their own mascots — the Dolphins and Mustangs respectively — and then the eighth-graders were in the high school and the district's junior high-aged students went with the high school nickname, the Pirates. 

The district listed a series of options on the survey, which were provided by school district staff, according to Superintendent Bryan Trendell. The options include: Buccaneers, Clippers, Mateys, Parrots, Mariners, Steelheads, Marauders, Sea Dogs, Riptide or Raiders.

The survey also includes an option for voters to make a suggestion for a mascot that isn’t included on the current list.

Marshfield Junior High is scheduled to open to students in fall of 2021, giving the district plenty of time to compile the votes and suggestions. Those who wish to participate can go to to vote. The junior high is being built where the Harding Learning Center previously stood for 100 years. The new construction is part of the $59.9 million Coos Bay BEST Bond. The bond also includes the new Eastside School, which has a scheduled completion date this summer.

At the end of the voting process, the school board will take the suggestions and votes under consideration and make the final decision.

Trendell’s preferred choice for a mascot is The Buccaneers, but he’s excited to see what the public chooses. More than that, he says he is excited for the new building to open and for students and staff to reunite.

“Getting them back together in a junior high setting is important for our students and staff,” Trendell said.

Students were sent home earlier this spring due to the novel coronavirus. It is unclear when schools will be able to reopen.

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