Chambers Construction workers stand up pilings on Monday, May 13 to be part of the foundation for the new Eastside School for the Coos Bay School District.

COOS BAY — On Monday, children from Millicoma School stopped playing during recess to point at the pilings stood up by Chambers Construction where the new Eastside School will one day sit.

It is the first visual step toward the new school, being part of its future foundation. Chambers Construction mobilized to the area two weeks ago shortly after the old Eastside Schoolhouse was demolished. Now, according to Project Manager Tim Cabble for Chambers Construction, they are roughly a week and a half into the pilings phase.

Chambers Construction workers are putting up over 100 pilings for the new Eastside School foundation for the Coos Bay School District on Monda…

“They are being stood up and vibrated down to a certain depth, then we will come in on the weekends when no kids are in school and drive them down,” he said. “We could get it done in one weekend, may take two. It depends what we run into at that depth. You never know what’s down there.”

Chambers Construction Project Superintendent Douglas Sullivan took The World on site to see the work being done on the pilings. Before they could begin that phase, they had to first make the soil solid enough for building.

“We had to over excavate the parking lot because when we came in here we just sank,” Sullivan said. “The process requires a geo-technical firm to come out and inspect each layer of rock we put down, have to roll and compact it, and do what’s called a proof test where they take a loaded truck that weighs at least 45,000 pounds.”

That truck is then driven through the parking lot to see if it pushes out dirt.

After that, the architect and structural engineer marked out the base of the project and then the piling phase began. In total, Chambers Construction is putting in 124 pilings.

“There’s been a lot of forward planning and this management team has met with the district since early last fall,” Sullivan said. “That’s what it takes to pull off a project like this.”

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