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COOS COUNTY — Oregon State University has announced students who have earned honors for winter term. To be included on the honor roll list, students must have carried at least 12 graded hours of course work.


4.0 GPA: Frances J. Merriam, sophomore, general science.

3.5 GPA or better: Angeline F. Brown, sophomore, exercise and sport science; Connor J. Jackson, senior, management; Hope C. Richert, freshman, human development and family science; Mara C. Rutherford, junior, public health; Andy J. Santos, senior, accountancy; Teri M. Straley, senior, speech communication; Peter J. Swenson, senior, animal sciences; Emily R. Wampler, freshman, human development and family science.

Coos Bay

4.0 GPA: Diana G. Avila, Senior, Forest Engineering.

3.5 GPA or better: Danielle T. Alexander, junior, mathematics; Lindsay K. Brown, sophomore, animal sciences; Nicholas C. Edmunds, senior, exercise and sport science; Tristan A. Gates, senior, earth sciences; Elissa M. Kilmer, sophomore, pre-chemical engineering; Jasmine K. Meline, sophomore, exercise and sport science; Zachary T. Meline, senior, exercise and sport science; Kristy L. Nelson, senior, management; Alexander D. Pancoast, senior, forest operations management; Paul E. Woytus, senior, exercise and sport science.


3.5 GPA or better: Heston A. Altenbach, senior, pre-construction engineering management; Colby M. GeDeros, senior, civil engineering; Tasia C. Hyatt, freshman, pre-business; Julia A. Scolari, senior, animal sciences.


3.5 GPA or better: Amanda J. Hudy-Martin, junior, psychology.

Myrtle Point

3.5 GPA or better: Kieri D. Smith, freshman, human development and family Science.

North Bend

4.0 GPA: Daniel S. Wood, junior, pre-mechanical engineering.

3.5 GPA or better: Anna G. Brecheisen, senior, biohealth sciences; Jennifer M. Coleman, freshman, music; Joseph M. Duell, junior, pre-chemical engineering; Levi J. Graber, junior, biology; Alessandra M. Hossley, senior, forest engineering; James M. Kirkpatrick, senior, forest engineering; Kelli A. Kronsberg, senior, biohealth sciences; Erik L. Mc Entire, senior, bioengineering; Jesse D. Weybright, senior, civil engineering.


3.5 GPA or better: Newton B. Allred, junior, general science.



4.0 GPA: Zachary M. Konkel, sophomore, biology.

3.5 GPA or better: Trenton R. Bevan, freshman, nutrition; Griffin M. Cerva, freshman, pre-manufacturing engineering; Samantha L. Henry, freshman, biology; Abbey L. Jacobson, freshman, animal sciences; Dylan P. Roberts, senior, fisheries and wildlife science.

Gold Beach

3.5 GPA or better: Lyndsey F. Dixon, freshman, university exploratory studies.


3.5 GPA or better: Joshua J. Brady, junior, natural resources; Jessica D. Miller, senior, management; Bennett Wahl, freshman, environmental econ and policy.


3.5 GPA or better: Joseph A. Schafer, freshman, pre-forestry.


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