NORTH BEND — Before the North Bend School District fills the public records request from former principal Bill Lucero, the district is demanding a fee of almost $5,000.

Though Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier ordered the district to fill Lucero’s request for documents on July 23, the district has notified Lucero’s attorneys at RI Law Group that the bill for $4,896.50 must be paid first before those documents are even compiled.

In a letter sent July 30 to Lucero’s attorneys, Roland Iparraguirre and Shannon Rickard, the district explains that efforts to fill the public records request is expected to take 73 hours to fill.

“The District expects that it will take approximately 73 hours to gather the requested records for production, redact any identifying information, and review for privilege,” the letter reads, sent from the district’s attorney Rebekah Jacobson.

Jacobson broke down the fees, showing how much it will cost the district to gather “all correspondence between the superintendent and/or Board members relating to the District’s May 21, 2018 settlements,” the letter said.

Those settlements were between the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon and the district for students Liv Funk and Hailey Smith, who originally reported alleged discrimination over their sexual orientation. Those complaints also brought forward information that Lucero had allegedly used the Bible for punishment against other students.

Lucero’s public records request also includes “all records received by the superintendent and/or Board members that mention Mr. Lucero,” the letter stated, acknowledging that these documents are to be filled at the order of the DA with identifying information redacted.

In order to fill these two requests, the district showed that the staff time gathering board and administrator emails, texts and voicemails will cost $2,362.50 for the IT director’s time and $1,124 for the board secretary’s time.

In order for the district attorney to review and redact confidential information, it will cost $1,410.

“The District will require prepayment of that fee before it can begin working on your requests,” the letter said. “You will, of course, be reimbursed should the actual time and cost involved to preparing the documents be less than anticipated.”

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