Science bowl

Lila Keating, Jayce Craig, Skyler Prickett won first place in the regional engineering design competition over the weekend. 

NORTH BEND — A science team from North Bend High School took home first place in the engineering design competition over the weekend.

Six students attended the BPA Regional Science Bowl in Portland on Saturday, Feb. 23 and though none of the teams made it to playoffs, this was the third year in a row where a team has won first in engineering design.

“It was a mini-bots competition,” said Christina Geierman, NBHS science teacher, about the competition where Lila Keating, Jayce Craig and Skyler Prickett won first place. “The problem they had to design a solution for was make a tiny robot go in a room where a chemical spill had occurred and come back out.”

According to Geierman, the base of the mini-bot had to be made from toothbrushes in order for the chemical to get caught and analyzed.

“They had to build the robot and complete three challenges,” she said.

One challenge had them send the mini-bot on a track to go around, another to send it in a straight line for as long as possible, and the third challenge was an obstacle course.

“Our team creamed the obstacle course,” Geierman said. “Their robot went through it in 2.3 seconds.”

One of the winning members wasn’t on the regular science bowl team. In fact, Geierman said she was from the journalism department but that she convinced her to compete in the afternoon project because she had an amazing design.

“She had to explain each part of the robot and we got the highest possible score on that one,” Geierman said. “She was in disbelief when they won.”

The other two members have hopes to become a chemical and software engineer, so Geierman said the win for them showed them that they can do it and do it well.

“I think it’s amazing,” Geierman said. “I’m so proud to be their teacher. I’m trying my best to provide opportunities for them and it’s cool when they take advantage of those opportunities. We lead them to water but some don’t always do the final step.”

The other science bowl team members were Hassaan Qadir, Emma Coughlin, and Preston Mosley.

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