"A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat, 1884

"A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat, 1884

NORTH BEND — Students in Dana Mohn's fifth-grade class at North Bay Elementary are adjusting to distance learning for education this spring, as the novel coronavirus has shifted education out of the classroom.

Mohn connects with smaller groups of students via Zoom video conferencing, in meetings that are instructional but also provide a connection, a way for students to see each other's faces on a regular basis and talk about their day.

A recent assignment revealed some feelings the students are having with this "new normal." Students were given an image — in this case, the famous painting by Impressionist artist George Seurat, "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte." They were then were asked to create an ekphrastic poem — a poem inspired by art. 

Here are some of the student samples:

The Past

By Aleida N.

The smell of barbecue, the picnics,

family gatherings, children’s laughter

Echoing in the park without fear.

Wishing I was there laughing with


The sound of families talking all at once,

Dog’s barking, children screaming.

Oh that soft grass I miss laying on beside my


NEVER stop Believing

A Day at the Park

By Cayla M.

Umbrellas with no rain?

A sail with no boat?

A monkey?

Black dog

Green grass

Orange, white, brown, blue

Are those dresses comfortable?

A little too much for me


By Autum R.

School, people and things I took for granted

It used to feel normal to go to the store

and now it feels like

Its a price to

you have pay you have to where a mask

And disinfect more things then you're used to

I wish

Someday I will be able to see my friends and far away family and

I wish

I could go back to school just to feel how it was like again…… the things i took for granted scare me

if i knew this were to happen i would've taken it all in

Even seeing my friends eye to eye I miss...


By Evan G.

All the Hope in the World

People are happy

Wind is whistling

Watching the sea sway back and forth

Children playing

Animals scurrying around

Families enjoying time together with no care in the world

Hoping life remains majestic

A lot of us hope the world will go back to how peaceful it was

Where we can create new memories


By Isabel A.

The sun shined bright we were all happy

Now we are gloomy and only the sun is bright

People used to be together playing and happy

Now we are spread apart

Someday we will see each other

Someday we will be reunited

Someday we will be like this picture

And once more be together


By Hailey S.

Its lighter than a feather

Its warm on the sand

And on the man

It is bright it is cheery

It dances all around

Around the dog,,,

Around the people,,,

Around the ground...

The following poem is a "Found Poem" from responses to an email Mohn sent the students. The question she asked was “What do you see out your window right now?

A Distance Learning Poem

By the North Bay Elementary students in Room 19

What do you see outside your window right now?

I see an empty playground that should be full

I see trees and grass

I see my mom’s van, my tree, a picnic table, and our fruit and veggie beds we are growing

I see the trampoline frozen, the trees leafless, the frozen grass

I see the roof and the chimney of the house next door and a bag of half-opened dirt, and a pot of withered plants.

I see trees, the sun, a bike, a rock

I see a hummingbird, mountains, and tall trees

I see a beautiful sunny day

I see a playground

I see a tree in my mom’s flower garden with the robins looking for worms

I see tulips, sunshine, and a pool


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