Terry Ingram with D.L.B. Construction showed where roof repairs over the Marshfield High School library will be done this summer.

COOS BAY — With school out for the summer, the Coos Bay School District has a chance to spruce up Marshfield High School.

Various capital improvement projects are beginning this week from painting the main campus and west gym, refinishing the gym floor, and repairing the roof.

Terry Ingram with D.L.B. Construction shows the damage over Marshfield High School's library and pointed out where his company is getting thin…

“It’s been decades since this school was painted,” said Travis Howard, MHS principal. “It was something I’ve been working on since I became principal four years ago. It was a priority of mine to have the building painted. It’s been looking very shabby.”

Because the Coos Bay BEST Bond was approved by voters in 2017, it freed up some capital project funds for the district to spend where needed. Since none of the BEST Bond money is going to improve MHS, the district earmarked additional capital project funds to go toward necessary maintenance.

“We’ve also done retrofitting on the heaters and air conditioning and will continue to do so the next couple years,” Howard said. “We’re trying to do these little things to make the building look appealing and clean.”

The paint will be a fresh coat of the same color for the main campus and the gym. Howard pointed out that there is a lot of stucco work and resealing to be done before the actual painting begins, but the project is expected to be finished by the end of August.

Terry Ingram with D.L.B. Construction is helping prepare the roof for repairs over the Marshfield High School library. Repair work on building…

Meanwhile, in order to refinish the gym floor the bleachers must be pulled out and the floor sanded down to get rid of the “golden hue” from years of finish.

“We will have new lines painted and fresh graphics,” Howard said. “It should be very nice. We use that gym for so many things from basketball and volleyball that we want to maintain that facility as best we can. The floor needed work, so we will give it a facelift. The entryway and foyer was refinished last year, and now the gym will match it.”

The gym is expected to be finished in the middle of July.

As for the roof repairs, those began last year but had to be put on hold as weather turned during the winter months. The last part of the project that will be finished this summer is above the library, where staff had had to contend with leaks for the past four years.

“We’ve had some ceiling tiles fall because they got wet,” said Anita McHaney, library media assistant. “They repaired the leaks a couple times but until the roof is replaced it will keep happening.”

Terry Ingram with D.L.B. Construction is helping prepare a roof at Marshfield High School for repairs, which began last month and is expected …

During the rainy months, library staff have put buckets on the top shelves to keep books dry. Even so, the carpet was damaged from the leaks and will also be replaced this summer.

“The carpet is old and in bad shape,” said Catherine Hampton, MHS and district librarian. “It is old and in some spots you can see where previous furniture sat. It is also moldy.”

She is looking forward to the roof being repaired this summer not just to help keep books dry and the new carpet from being damaged, but to use some of the rooms adjacent to the library.

“We will replace the lights and create an arts and crafts maker space,” she said. “When kids come to the library, they are looking for text books and books to read, computers and also materials for class projects. That space will have all the art supplies they will need to get those projects done.”

For Howard, it is exciting to see this work being done at MHS.

“It’s nice the district has helped us and the paint is huge,” he said. “It is the first thing you see when you drive up. It will give some positive energy for next year.”

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