Snowy Marshfield High School

Snow melted quickly Monday morning, but schools are delayed two hours again on Tuesday as temperatures dip into freezing and the snow storm returns.

COOS COUNTY — For the first time, Marshfield High School hosted a job fair Friday that was open to all students in Coos County. A week before most graduations, seniors were being invited to walk through booths of over 20 local employers to see where immediate job placements are available in the Harding Building’s gymnasium.

Pirate Hall Assistant Administrator Eli Ashton said in an interview earlier this month that the idea for the job fair came from Weyerhaeuser Timberlands after a representative came to the high school for help. According to Ashton, the company representative explained they were struggling to find “young people to work in the woods. On average, Ashton said a third of students go on to college, a third go to trade school, while a third immediately enter the workforce. With a graduating class at MHS of 180 this year, he said that is 60 kids who should be looking for a job now.

Students from both Coos Bay, Coquille and North Bend attended the fair.

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