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Marshfield New Assistant Principal

Teacher Floyd Montiel, who is also Coach Montiel on the Pirate baseball field, recently was named assistant principal at Marshield High School, where he has taught for more than 20 years.

COOS BAY — Marshfield High School has a new assistant principal.

Spanish teacher Floyd Montiel is replacing Eli Ashton at the main building. The change came after Ashton made a lateral move to assistant administrator at Pirate Hall, which is the Coos Bay School District’s 8th and 9th grade building, as well as the high school’s science center.

Teacher Floyd Montiel, who is also Coach Montiel on the Pirate baseball field, recently was named assistant principal at Marshield High School…

“(Ashton) is still an assistant principal but is taking over attendance,” said Marshfield Principal Travis Howard. “In the past he did both discipline and attendance, but now Floyd will cover the majority of student discipline.”

Howard explained that Ashton worked as his vice principal for three years and that now he was “ready for something new.”

After Ashton moved on and the position at the main building opened up, the district put together a committee to screen applicants. According to Howard, Montiel was the unanimous selection.

“He has a lot of experience, knows the building, and is the perfect fit for where we are moving forward,” Howard said of Montiel.

Montiel told The World he has been teaching at the district for 21 years, 20 of which have been at the high school teaching Spanish. He began working in Coos Bay as a teacher for English Developing Language back when it was still called “English as a Second Language.”

“So I’m an old-timer now,” he laughed.

Both he and his wife grew up in Coos County and even graduated from Marshfield High School.

“We came back sooner than we expected, but stuck around,” he said. “Our families are here, so we both stayed and have taught and coached for the same amount of time.”

Montiel began his Administration Program through Concordia University four years ago with the intention to move up in education.

“I wasn’t expecting to make the change so quickly, but the opportunity was there and since I just finished the program I thought I’d make the jump and try something different,” he said.

As far as goals as the new assistant principal, Montiel plans on continuing with what is already working.

“We’re getting better academically, made strides with our graduation rates in the last couple years, made personnel changes and added personnel and are moving in the right direction,” he said. “I won’t be making wholesale changes, but as a team we will continue to do things we’ve been working on in order to make a better environment.”

One of the new programs in place that Montiel is committed to is “Avid,” which began last year as a way to target students from families who didn’t attend college but are motivated. The program helps develop study skills and follows them throughout their four years at high school.

“Our Avid program is still developing and we’ve also seen success with our extracurricular classes last year, so we want to continue with that,” he said. “Overall, I’m excited for the opportunity.”

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