Oregon State University's 150th commencement ceremony will be taking place Saturday, June 15, at Reser Stadium in Corvallis, and some local area students will be receiving their diplomas.


Bandon: Jennifer J. Miles, Hope C. Richert, Emily R. Wampler, Shane S. Wheeler.

Charleston: Eli Kasper, Max M. Whitley.

Coos Bay: Lindsay K. Brown, Hayley N. Engel, Abby M. Gaither, Asia B. Hanson, Jacob D. Klein, Michelle M. Martin, Connor A. McKenzie, Megan L. Nickel, John B. Ortega, Andrew R. Osborn, Alexander D. Pancoast, Dylan M. Pearce, Ashley M. Peters, Cynthia B. Rodriguez, Michael H. Stephens, Tyler S. Yeager.

Coquille: Bradley S. Gill, Brandy L. Gill, Alexander W. Meichsner, Cooper L. Stateler, Cole L. Waddington.

Lakeside: Anthony H. Bingham.

Myrtle Point: Marjorie Cagley, Ross T. Huffman, Elizabeth J. Spencer.

North Bend: Andrea J. Alvarez, Jordan M. Escoto, Levi J. Graber, Nicholas J. Hossley, Joseph A. Kirkpatrick, Kelli A. Kronsberg, Ashley M. LaBarre, Noah A. Langlie, Scylise J. Little, Bailey Lyon, Rolly J. Toribio, Baylor J. Turnbow, Amy E. Wilkins, Kristin M. Woomer.

Powers: Curtis Warrick.


Brookings: Samantha L. Henry, Abbey L. Jacobson, Richard L. Jr., Rijn N. Staats, Slate E. Wise.

Gold Beach: Lyndsey F. Dixon, Hannah L. Hooker.

Port Orford: Justin E. Eichelberger.

Wedderburn: Joseph A. Schafer

For more information about OSU’s graduation, visit http://oregonstate.edu/events/commencement.