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Hillcrest Elementary

Topic: What is your favorite way to exercise?

Riding my bike and running and sit ups because it is so fun and it is relly good exercise.

 - Baley

 One of my favorite ways to exercise is play basketball. on the weekends I go hiking with my family. Lasty I love to play colar tag at recess.

 - Maddox S.

 Using a workout machine called the Boflex Max Trainer is my favorite way too exercise. What you do is you have 2 pedals, and 2 handle bars, and you run on it. The funnest part is you can change the resistance level higher, which makes it harder to run. This exercise is great for calves, and it's also a blast!

- Cameron G.

 Track is my favorite way to exercise. Track is my favorite way to exercise because their are so many differant thing you can do in it. My favorite thing in track is running. Running is my favorite thing in track because you get to race different people. Track is my favorite exercise because it's fun to race people and you get a lot of exercise done.

- Erica M.

Jingle bell run. A jingle bell run is where you hang a bell in a running place, up where people can reach. Then each time you run around the track, or where ever you are. Then each time you go around you ring the bell. I lik it because I like running.

- Dorian E.

My favriote exersize is BMX because I get trohfies and I get to see my best friends and compeite with friend skyler. Skyler has bean my friend for 4 yeras and it has bean realy fun. And my dad also owns a track ryite behind the

Dillard store. And my dad has owned the track for 2 1/2 yeras and my coach has tot me lots of stradigeys for BMX. And this year I just ternd expert and I'm starting a new year for 2018.

- Gunner C.

Swoosh! she slides off the bar with a 9.2, and ready to rock the first place medal. Doing gymnastics is the best way to exsirsize, in my opinion. I also like to go on walks with my mom and my brother. Sometimes I'll bring my bike too, and when we're all ready to go we walk or ride our bikes to the North Bend Middle School. When we get here I always go down the hill in the parking lot. Gymnastics is my favorite thing aside from walks.

- Delaney H.

Do you ride a bike? Do you bounce all day long. Those are some ways I exercise. But, my most favorite way to exercise is to play soccer in our kitchen. I try to score but my dad picks me up and moves me over. One time playing I accidently broke a clock, so my mom just put up a picture frame with no pictures in it. Tell me some ways that you exercise.

- Carley L.

My favirite way to Exersice is running. I like to push myself, because I want to be the fastest that I can. Running can strengthen your leg mucles. That is my favite way to exersise.

- Behr G.

My favorite way to exersize is run with my mom. We love our route my mom and I started at are house. run around the high school Dishners then to our house fianly we usuely run on Saturdays but thats about to change because that's when my basket ball games are but were still going to run on sundays.

- Sabastian S.

My favorite way to exercise is to swim. I like to swim because it drowns out sound and helps me relax.

- Delano V.

Going to northwest fitness and doing a class is one of my favorite ways to exercise. We do really fun stuff sometimes we do these things called flights. Flights are discs that you set on the ground and you only have a certain amount of time to touch them when the light turns on. Sometimes we get to do obsicle courses and races. Another way I like to eexercise is playing sports. I play soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track & field. Soccer is my favorite sport, it is really fun. Most of these exercises I do with my friends and that is a reason I like doing northwest fitness and sports.

- Lauren E.