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Hillcrest Elementary

Topic: My favorite Olympic sport

Of all the amazing olympic sports, bmx is my all time favorite.

Bmx is my most favorite Olympic sport and it is really cool to watch and i enjoy the music also it is amazing to watch the pros. And the pros have lots of years worth of practice. and it is very amazing.And I have been racing for 4 years and it has been amazing and I am state and goldcup fastest. And my friend Donnie taught me so many moves and I will never forget the moves or him. Also, my dad owns a bmx track in Dillard and it is so much fun. And that's why bmx is my all time favorite.

- Gunner C.

My favorite Olympic winter sport is skiing. I like skiing because the people who do it are really talented and I go skiing with my family sometimes. That is why I think skiing is an awesome olympic winter sport.

- Lauren E.

Of all the amazing winter Olympic sports,ice skating is my favorite. I love to watch it. One reason is because you get to watch champions do it. Another is because they do cool tricks. Ice skating takes years of practice,also experience.One reason is because I have seen it on T.V. Another is because if you want to do tricks,then it will take a long long time. I am going to practice,but it is going to take a while before I am a Olympic skating champ.

- Dorian E.

My favorite Winter Olympic sport is probably ice skating, or skiing because those to me are the most fascinating and every year i would at least watch one tiny part of the Olympics.

- Cameron G.

Out of all Olympic sports, snowboarding is my favorite winter sport. These reasons below will tell you why.

Snowboarding impresses me because I think it takes a lot of practice to do it. I like to watch snowboarders do some of their cool tricks. Some of the trails they go on are pretty interesting to see them go on. My favorite part of snowboarding probably is the snow, I love snow so much!

Snowboarders have some pretty cool gear and boards in my opinion. Some snowboarders have some really awesome boards. When I watch snowboarders I like some of the coats they wear. I have seen some pretty cool stuff to do with snowboarding but a pair goggles I once saw had a really cool design on the side

Snowboarding is my favorite winter sport because they do cool tricks. I also like it because some of them have cool boards.

- Carley L.

Out of all the winter sports I like to watch ice skating like how they dress up warm, looks fun ,and make it look easy. When they have gear sometimes they put on that I would like to wear.When the people do tricks they make it look even more fun. If you do not know how to ice skate and you try to do something cool, you could get hurt and maybe you could break a bone.On TV, they make look easier than it would be because usually they have practice doing it and you do not have practice.Now you know why I Like to watch Ice Skating.

- Abby P.

My favorite olympic sport

What is your favorite olympic sport? If you have one then why? Well my favorite is skiing the reasons are there are many to do,you get to race and it’s fun seeing people watch you. My first reason is there are many to do. You can pick which one and then do more it is awesome! Another example is one time I saw on t.v. all these skiing and they all looked cool.

Another reason is you get to race against people. Racing is not about just winning it is about having fun with skiing. Another example is you get thanked by people and it feels really good and nice in your heart.

The last reason is you get to see people watch you.

I like it when people watch me it makes me feel more confident. Another example is when people watch you they might yell for your name so you can feel better.

These are the reasons I like skiing I hope you like skiing too.

- Chrissy R.

Cross Country skiing is my all time favorite Olympic sport. Going Cross Country skiing is so amazing because it is fun to do different tricks on hills and mountains. I like going Cross Country skiing because I get to go down hills and mountains really fast. Another reason I like Cross Country skiing is for me the skis don't hurt as much as regular skis do so it is easier to go down slopes and hills.

Watching Cross Country skiing is so exciting because I get to see professionals skiers ski. It’s so cool to watch professionals skiers ski because they are so good at skiing and it is usually a close game. Another reason i like watching Cross Country skiing is because sometimes their poles go down in a ripple and it looks so awesome.

- Erica

Out of all the amazing Olympic Winter sports, snowboarding is my all-time favorite.

.They can slide down railings and do lots of Watching Snowboarders “fly” through the air is breath-taking. They do lots of flips and tricks and land on their feet. They go so fast on something so small, because of potential and kinetic energy. When the snowboarders go up hills they gaon potential energy. When they go down hills they have kinetic energy. Then they have enough force to bring them up hills and then down again, jumping really high in the air, and this same process continues over and over again until the snowboarder stops themselves.

The people who snowboard, also called snowboarders are flips. It is also really neat to watch them go off a ramp and “still” land on their feet, that takes guts! They have spent their time practicing going of ramps, and have probably have broken a few bones on the way too. If you could ever imagine jumping off of a one hundred foot cliff and landing on your feet, well hundreds of people do that, and it is “amazing” to watch!

In my opinion snowboarding is amazing and I hope to do it someday.

- Jaimi S.


Swish, down the mountain fast as lightning. Snowboarding is my favorite sport in the Olympics. Why, you may ask, I will tell you. You can experience what it is like to be on a snowy mountain, and it is exciting.

- Kaleb B.

My favorite olympic winter sport is ski jumping,because l like seeing them go down a steep hill at 60mph and go flying. I might be going to the olympics in Korea. And that's my favorite winter olympic sport.

- Parker