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COOS BAY — The last wall standing in the nearly 100-year-old Harding Learning Center was knocked down this week.

Even though the schools are still closed, construction on the $59.9 million Coos Bay BEST Bond has continued from Eastside School to the future location of Marshfield Junior High.

“Demolition is being finished up at the Harding Building,” said Bryan Trendell, superintendent for the Coos Bay School District. “The last wall was pulled down (Tuesday).”

The resulting mountains of concrete, wood, and metal still need to be hauled away, but work will persist through the COVID-19 pandemic. Trendell said that he and his wife have watched the progress while they took walks by the construction site and noticed they weren’t the only community members interested in the progress.

“We’ve seen people in their cars watching it,” Trendell said, though pointed to the district’s live camera that caught the whole demolition. “We will eventually do a time-lapse video of it going down.”

Trendell emphasized the importance for the public to see construction continue in the midst of the government-mandated school closures.

“Work is continuing,” he said. “The contractor is making sure they’re doing what the governor has ordered and they are following those rules. Work is continuin

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