Lucero Walk Out

A group of students embrace outgoing principal Bill Lucero in May during a walk out at North Bend High School. Lucero was removed from his position by the school district in the wake of allegations of discrimination by a pair of students.

NORTH BEND — The principal who allegedly forced students to recite Bible verses has been reassigned to a new job within the North Bend School District.

Former North Bend High School Principal Bill Lucero was demoted following a settlement agreement between the district and the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon last month. The settlement was the result after two students revealed discrimination against LGBTQ students and another student being forced to read the Bible for punishment.

In a press release sent late Monday afternoon, the district announced that Lucero is now going to be the vice principal at the North Bend Middle School.

Replacing him at the high school is Darrell Johnston.

“Mr. Darrell Johnston, the current middle school principal, will be the principal of North Bend High School,” the release stated. “Mr. Ralph Brooks, the current middle school vice principal, will be the principal for the North Bend Middle School.”

The current vice principal at the high school, Jake Smith, will remain where he is.

The ACLU of Oregon settlement conditions had called for Lucero to be removed from the high school, stipulating that the district not reassign him to any other high school position or as the principal at the middle school.

As The World previously reported, the ACLU settlements also required the district to “ask North Bend Police Department to remove the school resource officer or provide a new officer for the role,” the ACLU of Oregon press release stated last month.

The SRO, Jason Griggs, had allegedly told one of the two students that “she was going to hell for being gay” after she reported an anti-LGBTQ assault, where another student injured her hand with a skateboard, which The World previously reported.

The World has reached out to the North Bend Police Department on multiple occasions for comment, but NBPD has not responded.

“The district is confident that these new administrative teams will be able to successfully assist the district in moving forward,” the press release from the school district said. “Our mission is navigating a successful course for every student, every day, every way.”

Reporter Jillian Ward can be reached at 541-269-1222, ext. 235, or by email at Follow her on Twitter: @JE_Wardwriter.


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