Marshfield progress

Work is progressing on the foundations for the new Marshfield Junior High School. shown here from above on Wednesday morning. 

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COOS BAY — Marshfield Junior High may still be a construction site now, but walls will start being put up as soon as next month.

According to Coos Bay School District Superintendent Bryan Trendell, Knife River Materials is set to pour the foundation in the next week or two while the precast concrete walls are being finished offsite.

“(The walls) will be shipped down when they are done and in August will start tilting those up,” Trendell said. "It’s coming along really well. All of our projects are on schedule.”

Across Coos Bay in the Eastside District, Eastside Elementary is all but finished. Trendell said the new elementary school will have a final walk through next week before teachers start moving in so it can open in the fall.

“Marshfield Junior High will be done this time next year, so it’s a year behind Eastside,” he said.

But the two new schools are just two of the projects included on the $59.9 million Coos Bay BEST Bond. He added that on Wednesday, design schematics for Madison Elementary’s remodel were put together. The Empire District elementary school’s facelift will be a year behind Marshfield Junior High’s completion.

“The remodel will consist of completely redoing the front of the school, adding a new office area, a new library, doing work on the restrooms and staff work rooms,” Trendell said. “…(It) will also enclose the breezeway that is between the gym and the school, making that a regular hallway with new restrooms and a new elevator.”

Work will also be done to replace the flat roof with a peaked roof, where a new HVAC system can be installed.

“Some work will be done while school is in session,” he said. “We will mitigate that the best we can….”

A brand new security vestibule is also being added to Madison, similar to what was put in at Eastside.

“…We’re making such great progress,” Trendell said. “We sold the last $20 million in bonds and did well with that. We ended up making an extra $5.7 million (because) of the A+ rating the district has right now. … We can apply the extra money to Madison.

“We are very appreciative that we will open a new elementary school in the fall. … We are on schedule and on budget.”

Reporter Jillian Ward can be reached at 541-269-1222, ext. 236, or by email at Follow her on Twitter: @je_wardwriter.


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