COOS BAY — Coos Health and Wellness Behavioral Health Director David Geels is running to serve a two-year term on the Coos Bay School Board.

Geels was first appointed last July to Position 2. His reason for applying for the appointment then is the same as his run for election now, which is to give back to the community and the school.

“I’ve had three kids through the district and had the chance to get to know teachers and experience being a parent,” Geels said. “My kids are older and my daughter is a senior and graduating, so it seems like a good time to apply the information and experience I’ve had to future generations of students and parents.”

Not only that, but he pointed to the skills he has from being in a leadership position at Coos Health and Wellness as also giving him the chance to benefit the community in a different way.

When the state recently surveyed schools, the concerns and issues surrounding disruptive learning was revealed.

“Teachers talked about how difficult it is for them to have a good educational experience with youth struggling with certain problems,” he said. “I hope to be helpful because I have a lot of experience in behavioral health, am a licensed professional counselor, and hope to help the district implement programs for these youth struggling with behavior and emotional health and significant depression in older kids.”

Currently, the school board’s goal for the year is to prioritize behavioral health.

In addition to this, Geels hopes to help manage the BEST Bond project as new buildings are constructed and old buildings undergo renovations.

“We got a significant amount of money, but the costs for building are higher than anyone anticipated and figuring out how to get maximum use for the funds is good stewardship for the community,” he said.

Ballots will be mailed to voters on Thursday, May 2 and must be returned by Election Day on Tuesday, May 21.

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