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Jeremy Bellinger and Bill Brunk were chosen for the prestigious job of transporting the U.S. Capital Christmas tree from California to Washington, D.C.

Drivers Jeremy Bellinger and Bill Brunk stood somewhat back from the day’s festivities in Crescent City, but kept careful watch over their precious cargo Sugar Bear.

The 84-foot white fir tree, the tip of which could be seen through plexiglass at the truck’s rear, was decorated with lights, various ornaments and was attached to a 50-gallon water bladder near the cab.

“It’s gonna be interesting,” said Bellinger about the 2,500-mile-drive ahead of him to Washington D.C. “Normally, we would have already been there by now This is different for us because normally we drive 600 miles a day, and today I drove just one mile to get here.”

Bellinger most often transports power poles, and Brunk said he usually hauls large windmill blades.

“This takes a lot more room,” said Brunk. “We had a number of tight spots getting up here yesterday.”

Video footage of the three-mile segment of Last Chance Grade on Highway 101 between Klamath and Crescent City showed moments where the trailer was inches away from hitting concrete barriers on each side.

The slower trek with its many stops is more festive than their usual hauls though, they both said.

“I’m flying my mom and wife out to D.C. to see it,” said Bellinger.

“Yeah, this time D.C. is gonna be cool to see,” added Brunk.


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