7 Devils archway

Local landscape designer Mike Vaughan begins the first phase of an archway project at 7 Devils Brewing Company.

COOS BAY  — Tuesday morning 7 Devils Brewing Company began construction of a new entryway into its beer garden aimed at highlighting the foliage that goes into making beer.

“It’s the first phase of a hop trellis that we’re building to showcase hops and how they grow, and create a nice entryway into our beer garden,” 7 Devils co-owner Carmen Matthews said.

The trellis will consist of two archways and a canopy that will allow for hops to grow on and around.

“There’ll be two arches, and then welded wire mesh grid over the sides and top where the hops will cling to and hang down. So you’ll enter through a green kind of arcade,” landscape designer Mike Vaughan said.

The idea for this hoppy passageway has been in the works for some time, as Matthews has been looking for a place to plant hops since the brewery opened.

“I had someone bring me hops when we first opened, and they didn’t have a place to grow, and I’ve been trying to think of a way to make something nice for an entryway that can showcase that brewing ingredient,” Matthews said.

Vaughan has done work for 7 Devils in the past, including the benches along the entry of the brewery, that will soon be covered by the new canopy. Both the benches and the archway will be made out of white cedar.

“I designed the benches there out of Port Orford white cedar, which is very rot resistant ... the arches come right out of the benches and back rest tables I built,” Vaughan said.

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