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Cruise Ship

The cruise ship Silver Exploration visited Coos County Monday as part of a cruise chartered by a group of golfers who have traveled down the coast to play at different courses. 

NORTH BEND — A large ship — other than a freighter picking up wood chips — anchored in the Bay Area on Monday, only the precious cargo it was carrying came packing graphite clubs and little white balls.

A luxury cruise ship, Silversea Cruise Line’s Silver Explorer, docked in North Bend at K2 Exports on Monday as part of a Pacific Northwest golfing cruise.

Silver Explorer Capt. Adam Boczek, middle, stands on the bridge of the cruise ship with his Staff Capt., Salva Sytnik, left, and his Second Of…

A group of 130 golfers has been touring the Northern Coast stopping at golf courses wherever they go. The golfers stopped in North Bend en route to play the premiere golf courses at Bandon Dunes Resort and also Sunset Bay Golf Course.

MTR Western provided cruising golfers with a shuttle services form the ship to the courses. The Mill Hotel-Casino was also running shuttles down the road to the Casino.

The Bay Area is the ship’s third stop. The golfers stopped first in Vancouver, then in Astoria. After its day in Coos County, the ship will depart Tuesday morning for a four-day dock in Portland.

Silver Explorer is an exploration cruise ship, which is different from more traditional cruises. The Silver Explorer has a much more flexible itinerary than regular cruise ships. There are a few key destinations planned for its cruises, but it doesn’t always follow its itinerary.

“We must be flexible every day. It all depends on the conditions, sometimes we change our plans on a daily basis,” Silver Explorer Capt. Adam Boczek said.

Many of the stops that the Silver Explorer makes are in remote locations where the folks on the cruise ship can get out and explore nature.

“Sometimes in Alaska we have to stop in small bays and the passengers get off on small rubber pontoon boats. They wet land on the beach, and go explore the nature,” Boczek said.

According to Boczek, once summer ends in the Northern Hemisphere the ship will be making journeys to Antarctica to utilize the summer season in the Southern Hemisphere.

“Imagine sitting in a Jacuzzi and drinking champagne while we pass an iceberg in Antarctica. It happens here,” Boczek said.

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