COOS COUNTY — A woman has been arrested for lying about her name and carrying heroin.

According to a press release from the Coos County Sheriff’s Department, deputies responded to Captain John’s Motel in Charleston on Sunday at 1:47 a.m. for a report of a woman digging through ashtrays looking for cigarettes. The caller told dispatch that the trespasser was Sasha Dolan, 26, from Coos Bay.

“Sasha Dolan had several outstanding warrants for her arrest, one issued in 2016,” the release said.

Deputies were able to find Dolan walking in the parking lot of Portside Restaurant, and one deputy recognized her from a prior contact, the release said.

“(Dolan) had told the deputy her name is Kandice Kindlefire the night before,” the release read. “(Dolan) again told deputies her name is Kandice Kindlefire. (Dolan) was placed under arrest for outstanding warrants.”

Deputies also noticed that she carried several narcotic items and a brown sticky substance consistent with heroin.

On the way to jail Dolan admitted her name was not Kandice Kindlefire, the release said.

“(Dolan) will be referred to the District Attorney’s Office for two counts of giving false information to a peace officer and one count of unlawful possession of heroin,” the release said.

Dolan was transported to the Coos County Jail.

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