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COOS BAY — The Coos County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for information on a series of burglaries that have taken place along Cape Arago Highway in the Charleston area of Coos Bay.

According to Captain Kelley Andrews, the suspects seem to be targeting vacation homes in the area by monitoring the homes for activity and identifying which ones appear to be empty. Since the start of March, over 10 homes have been broken into and various items have been taken. The suspects have taken a range of electronics including DVD players, television sets and laptops. They also grabbed an assortment of hardware tools and household goods.

The crimes appear to have taken place between 4-7 a.m., and two men have been captured on video from one of the home’s personal camera system. The second suspect was referred to as “Mike” in the video and the Sheriff’s Office has posted multiple photos of the two men on their Facebook page.

“Since putting the photos out, we have gotten about 30 tips,” Andrews said.

However, at this point the suspects have not been identified and no arrests have been made. Andrews said with these sorts of crimes, homeowners can help with the recovery of their items by registering or documenting the serial numbers on their tools or electronic devices. Also marking such items with a name or unique feature can aid in finding them.

“If we don’t have a serial number to match to the national and state database it can make tracking it down a lot harder,” Andrews said.

The most recent burglary was reported yesterday and police are actively pursuing tips as the investigation is ongoing.

The Coos County Sheriff’s Office asks anyone with information regarding the break-ins to contact them at 541-396-7800.

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