Coos Bay Police

COOS BAY — The Coos Bay Police Department continued its pedestrian safety operation in downtown Coos Bay on Thursday morning as officers issued a number of citations and warnings to drivers violating traffic laws.

As part of its ongoing pedestrian safety awareness campaign, the department set up extra patrol vehicles at the intersection of Central Avenue and Eight Street specifically to look for drivers violating pedestrian right of way laws.

According to Coos Bay Police Captain Chris Chapanar, the department was awarded about $4,000 in grant money from the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon Impact to conduct multiple pedestrian safety operations.

A majority of the violations committed on Thursday were cellphone related, followed by improper use of seatbelts, said Chapanar.

Last Friday, the department conducted the first of three planned operations at the intersection of Commercial Avenue and Third Street where the majority of those violations centered on drivers failing to adhere to pedestrian right of way laws.

“The operations we do have a huge impact on the safety of our roads as well as the safety of drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Chapanar. “These grants and extra dollars funded through Oregon Impact and ODOT allow agencies like ours to get additional enforcement outside of what we would normally be able to provide.”

The next operation is expected to take place sometime next week in the Empire District. However, the details for it have yet to be released. A final breakdown of overall violations will also be released later this month.

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