Millicoma First Day

Parents and school buses line up outside Millicoma Intermediate School, waiting for classes to let out.

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EASTSIDE — Construction workers discovered footprints in the fresh-poured concrete in Millicoma School’s new parking lot this week.

“There’s a sewer drain in the parking lot that needed to be concreted in, a metal drain with concrete around it and probably the smallest pour we’ve done over there so far,” said Bryan Trendell, superintendent for the Coos Bay School District. “The area is not very big, not even 20 feet long, but when they poured and smoothed it, then walked away and came back, someone had walked in it.”

The new parking lot at the middle school is part of the Coos Bay BEST Bond’s $59.9 million project, which also includes the new Eastside School, the new Marshfield Junior High, and upgrades at most of the district’s buildings.

According to Trendell, after the first time workers spotted the footprints on Monday, Oct. 14, they were able to smooth it again.

But when they left and came back a second time, what appeared to be the same footprints were back.

“We have no idea who it was,” Trendell said. “We don’t have cameras up on that side of the building yet.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, Trendell wasn’t sure how much it would cost to redo, though estimated the cost would be small.

“It’s just unfortunate that someone would do that,” he said, adding that it happened after school was out for the day. “It could have been a community member or a student who lives in the area. But it is a pain to go back and do it over.”

The district is going to consult its resource officer to see if it is worth filing a police report, though may ask the resource officer to look into it either way.

“We might ask him to see if it was a student or if anyone saw it happen,” Trendell said. “We’ll put the word out and see if someone will come forward.”

Though that stretch of concrete was already blocked off, it wasn’t fenced. Trendell pointed out that there is a camera facing the new Eastside construction area, but in the future the district plans on fencing off these areas or having cameras present.

Reporter Jillian Ward can be reached at 541-269-1222, ext. 235, or by email at Follow her on Twitter: @JE_Wardwriter.


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