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An OSP mobile DUII bus was parked in Powers over the Fourth of July weekend to help local law enforcement agencies crack down on drunk driving. 

POWERS — The Oregon State Police's mobile DUII bus made its way to Powers over the weekend to assist local officers in processing people who they suspected might be driving under the influence.

The bus, which is equipped with holding cells and multiple Intoxilyzer devices, was parked at Powers County Park on Saturday to provide authorities with quick access to readily available DUII testing equipment.

“We brought the bus down for the Fourth of July weekend because it’s typically a busy weekend here on the Oregon Coast,” said OSP Lt. Cord Wood. “People came down to vacation, camp and engage in a number of Fourth of July activities up and down the coast which included White Cedar Days in Powers.”

At events where the consumption of alcohol is expected, the likelihood that some folk will drink and drive is increased, said Wood. The DUII bus also made an appearance in Charleston on Thursday and Friday as Independence Day celebrations happened there as well.

For police agencies in rural communities like the Powers Police Department, Wood added the benefit of having the bus there is that officers don’t have to travel far away distances to conduct DUII testing. According to Powers Police Chief Robert Baker, only one DUII arrest was made over the entire weekend.

“We got a lot of positive feedback from multiple vendors, people visiting and city staff,” said Baker. “The bus not only serviced as a DUII processing unit, but also a command post for people to report a number of medical issues and other problems.”

In addition to the one arrest, about eight medical calls were received Saturday as well as 75 positive public and educational contacts were made.

“Our number one goal with bringing the bus to town was to prevent any fatalities or accidents from occurring all weekend which I can say we did accomplish,” said Baker. “Overall we had about half a dozen officers here working from OSP, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office and the Powers Police Department.”

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