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Tuesday, Feb. 25

Criminal Trespass

At 10:45 a.m. on 12th Street, a resident requested that a male subject on the property be trespassed after refusing to leave when asked. Officers responded and located the subject walking away on Ash Street. The subject was issued a permanent trespass.

At 4:16 p.m. on McPherson Avenue, a subject was warned of trespass.

Traffic Stop

At 10:58 a.m. on Ash Street and 13th Street, a vehicle almost struck an officer on a trespass call at location. A 73-year-old male from Coos Bay was cited for careless driving.


At 1:35 p.m. on Airport Lane, an officer responded to an alarm but no one was in the elevator. The elevator seems to be working. Unknown reason for the alarm.

Animal Complaint

At 1:58 p.m. on Fir Street, an officer responded and warned a subject for nuisance dog at large.


At 2:14 p.m. on Virginia Avenue, a subject was warned for disorderly conduct.

Disorderly Conduct

At 3:01 p.m. on Newmark Street, officers responded and warned subject for disorderly conduct and trespass.

Minor in Possession

At 8:57 p.m. on Oak Street, a juvenile was returned to their mother and will be referred to the Juvenile Department for minor in possession of tobacco and marijuana.


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