NORTH BEND — A video of a teen putting a vape device into the mouth of an 8-month-old baby is now being investigated.

According to a press release from the North Bend Police Department, the video was reported to North Bend High School’s resource officer and staff on Monday, Feb. 10. 

“The video involved a juvenile teen placing an inhalant delivery system (vape device) into an 8-month-old infant's mouth,” the release said. “Law enforcement obtained a copy of the video, identified a 15-year old female suspect, and interviewed the teen.” 

The female was babysitting the male infant at a North Bend home when the video was taken over the weekend.

“The incident has been cross-reported to the Department of Human Services/Child Protective Services,” the release said. “The investigation into this incident is ongoing … We want to thank those who reported the incident to our school staff, our SRO and our department. It was this quick reporting that led to a prompt investigation and identification of those involved.”

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