COOS BAY — When a Public Works Department employee walked into Coos Bay City Hall over the weekend to pick something up, they found excrement inside.

According to a Coos Bay Police report, human feces was discovered in the elevator on Sunday, Oct. 27 at 11 a.m. According to Bay Area Enterprises, the feces was also in the lobby and one of the bathrooms.

Coos Bay Police Chief Gary McCullough told The World that because this isn’t the first time such a mess has been found, the public will no longer have public access to City Hall from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. The change is to be made in the next two to three weeks.

“All doors entering City Hall will be locked in those hours,” McCullough said. “If someone needs police assistance or to contact the police department, there will be a call box at the front stoop and at the elevator.”

A camera will be at each of those call boxes and dispatch will have the option to buzz people in remotely.

But finding human excrement isn’t the only mess discovered some mornings by staff. McCullough said homeless people have been found sleeping in the bathrooms all night and “making a mess out of it.”

“We have janitorial staff come in outside of normal hours to clean things up,” he said. “Homeless individuals have also slept in the hallways.”

Though the messes have been intermittent, McCullough pointed out that they have been more frequent, which prompted the change in public access after regular office hours.

“There is an increase in the homeless population and now it’s getting colder so people aren’t living in the woods and want to find a warm place,” McCullough said. “Some of the people who have slept in the bathrooms don’t always make a mess, but those aren’t for sleeping in.”

This change has been a goal of the city for almost six months. McCullough wasn’t sure how much it will cost to make this change, but said that Reese Electric has been on site to get locks and systems ready.

“So there has been some expense,” he said.

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