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NORTH BEND — On Tuesday, March 3, at approximately 4:56 a.m. North Bend police were dispatched to the Quality Inn & Suites Hotel in North Bend after receiving a report of an alleged assault.

According to the North Bend Police Department’s Facebook page, during its investigation, Sgt. Ryan Doyle and Officer Jeremy Bowman discovered 34-year-old Joseph C. Long had been involved in a fight with his girlfriend after she informed him she was pregnant.

“Long choked, struck, and strangled the victim, causing bleeding and physical injury to her face and neck,” wrote Chief Robert Kappelman in a post on the North Bend Police Department’s Facebook page. “The victim screamed for help and Long was heard yelling, ‘I am going to kill you!’ The suspect's 6 and 7-year-old daughters were in the hotel room at the time of the assault.”

“Long pulled the victim outside to a vehicle and then attempted to leave the scene. Sgt. Ryan Doyle stopped the vehicle. Long was wanted on a previous warrant, was taken into custody and interviewed.”

Long was arrested and transported to the Coos County Jail for Assault IV Domestic (felony) and Strangulation. The victim was also transported by ambulance to Bay Area Hospital and was too interviewed separately by police.

"Sgt. Ryan Doyle and Officer Jeremy Bowman are commended for quickly sorting through a chaotic scene, stopping the suspect who still had his victim with him, and arresting him for a violent assault committed in front of his young children, who were placed in custody of their mother," wrote Kappelman. "Well done, Officers!"


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