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COQUILLE — On day two of the Andrew Wade Davenport murder trial, two witnesses testified that Davenport, 46, confessed to killing Randall Harless on Aug. 25.

But it was the third confession that drew the most intrigue.

Emily Davenport, the defendant’s 16-year-old daughter, was one of the last witnesses to take the stand in the afternoon. She was asked about her father’s confession to her. That followed testimony by Davenport’s ex-girlfriend Dawn Davis and acquaintance Jimmy Austin that Davenport confessed to them after the homicide.

In his opening statement on Monday, defense attorney Donald Scales said Emily never said he confessed to his daughter in words, just nodded his head.

Emily corroborated Scales opening statement Wednesday, saying she jokingly asked her dad more than 20 times if he had anything to do with the death of Harless. She said she was told no every time. After incessantly asking, her dad apathetically nodded his head in agreement and told her: “Knock it off, Tater.”

Emily’s testimony was a emotional and difficult to hear as the prosecutor asked her again and again if she had told a grand jury that her father confessed.

“I said yes, but that’s not what I meant,” Emily said.

Davenport also said that during the day of grand jury, lead investigator Coos Bay police Detective Randy Sparks said to the daughter that she was, “probably not going going to see (her) dad for awhile and that justice will be served.”

On her way out, her face buried in tissues to hide her tears, her father said his first words in front of the jury during the trail.

“I love you, kid,” he told her. “You’ll be alright.”

A forensic scientist specializing in DNA is expected to testify Thursday.


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