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COQUILLE — The Coquille Police Department is advising residents to lock up their vehicles after an increased number of break-ins were reported throughout town.

Since April, authorities have received 10 calls regarding vehicle break-ins, a slight jump from the eight cases reported between January and April, where residents reported finding signs that their cars had been rummaged through and accessed without their authorization. 

Coquille Police Chief Scott Sanders said a majority of these calls involved vehicles that were unlocked as no physical signs of break-ins were discovered. No broken windows or forced entry was found in many of the cases, he added.

According to the department’s dispatch logs, a reserve patrol vehicle was broken into on April 13, three additional vehicles break-ins were reported on April 26 with two happening on Folsom Street and two more were reported May 24 at various times and locations.

In addition to taking precautions, Sanders said it’s important to keep an eye out for suspicious activity and signs of “casing” around neighborhoods. Usually, burglars will watch neighborhoods and collect data on its happenings before entering an area unauthorized, he said.

While a number of factors are involved and each case is different, Sanders said inmate releases from the Coos County Jail do have an impact on the frequency of these types of crimes.

In addition to vehicle break-ins, approximately 16 cases of theft were reported from April 1 to June 5 involving multiple businesses around Coquille. 

Community members are encouraged to contact the Coquille Police Department at 541-396-2114 to report any suspicious activity or provide officials with information regarding any of the recent break-ins.

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