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COOS COUNTY — During White Cedar Days and the Coos County Fair, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office conducted “saturation patrols.”

These heightened patrols led to one person’s arrest and was paid for “through a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation, administered by the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association,” the release said.

“These extra saturation patrols focused on targeting those drivers who choose to operate their vehicles while under the influence of an intoxicant,” the release continued. “An intoxicant can be but is not limited to alcoholic beverages, marijuana, illegal narcotics, prescription medication intended for use when not driving and substances such as spray paint used as an inhalant.”

Not only that, but officers “sought to increase overall safety,” as well as have “positive contacts with citizens” both local and out of town.

The saturation patrols will return in September over Labor Day weekend, which signals the end of local summer events.

“Each long holiday weekend, Coos County sees an influx of thousands of visitors who come to recreate on our dunes, in our forests and on the waterways,” the release stated. “These saturation patrols help to keep our roadways safe as they target those who break the law.”

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