Coos County Sheriff's Office

COOS BAY — ‘Tis the season for package theft.

To get ahead of what becomes a problem for many local residents, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office offered some advice. Though not many package thefts have been reported yet, Deputy Gabriel Fabrizio suggested shoppers do their best to anticipate delivery times.

“If you can, schedule to be there or make a signature required,” he said. “If you’re friendly with the neighbors, ask them to watch for it and pick it up.”

If that isn’t an option, he said there are preventative measures that can be taken, such as cameras or what are called “doorbell” cameras that turn on when there’s movement. Not only do they begin recording when someone is at the door, but it sends an alert on a cellphone with a photo of who is knocking or walked onto the porch.

“Then you know when something is delivered so someone can pick it up,” he said. “Cameras can deter theft, though not always.”

If a package is stolen while you’re home, Fabrizio advised to pay attention to details like license plates and take pictures.

“Pictures help us track them down,” he said. “People who steal packages face theft and trespass charges. The level of theft depends on what is in the package, but it will at least be a misdemeanor and potentially a felony.”

Finally, Fabrizio suggested another option is to have packages delivered some place secure like the workplace, a P.O. Box or a lockbox.

“UPS and FedEx have services where you can designate where to have packages dropped off like on the back porch or under the bush to the left side of the house,” he said. “Work is a great one because it’s during business hours and can be secured inside.”

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