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Klayton Charles Wilson
Photo contributed by the Coos County Sheriff's Office

BANDON — A Coos County Sheriff’s Office deputy was arrested on suspicion of assault after allegedly beating his wife.

39-year-old Klayton Charles Wilson is charged with menacing, harassment and assault in the fourth degree, a felony charge.

On Aug. 6 at 4:33 a.m. an officer with the Bandon Police Department was dispatched to the defendant’s Bandon residence because of a report of a disturbance.

The victim was standing in the front yard, shaking, with her hands and face covered in blood.

Earlier, Wilson had been drinking, according to the victim. She said she had to go into the bedroom several times to put Wilson back to bed after he had fallen out.

The victim said she went into the room again because Wilson “started tearing up the bedroom.”

According to the victim, Wilson started swinging at her and grabbing her by her hair.

While being interviewed, the police officer noted the victim was pulling loose hair from her head.

The assault was committed in front of a minor living at the residence. The witness went into the victim’s bedroom after hearing several thumps.

When he walked in, he said he saw Wilson holding the victim’s face to the floor by her hair.

The witness said the victim was telling him to call 911.

When questioned about the incident, Wilson told the officer he had been sleeping.

The victim was checked out by Bay Cities Ambulance and refused medical treatment.

Wilson has no criminal record. He is currently on administrative leave and the Sheriff is moving to terminate his employment, according to court documents.

Any release contract would include no contact with the victim, her son or the residence.

The Coos County District Attorney’s office in in the process of having the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office handle the case due to conflict.

Wilson's release hearing is scheduled for Aug. 14.

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