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COOS BAY — The number of COVID-19 tests in Coos County has seen a slight uptick in tests in the last week.

“I would definitely say that this last week and a half, there have been quite a bit more tests done but, again, that’s a little bit more to do with the number of laboratories that have been able to handle that testing has increased,” said Coos Health and Wellness public information officer Eric Gleason on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Coos Health and Wellness, last Thursday 67 total tests had been administered across the county while that number is now at 128 total tests. All 72 of the tests that have come back have been negative for the disease.

The other tests that have not reported a result are currently pending. Gleason noted that where tests are being conducted will determine the speed at which they will find out the result.

At the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory in Hillsboro, results can take up to 72 hours

“Part of that 72-hour period is because down here it takes a little bit of time for a courier to get up to the Hillsboro area, which is where the lab is. But generally ... we can get 48 hours. But like I said, it can get up to 72 hours,” said Gleason.

For private labs across the state, the amount of time it takes for tests to come back has varied.

“For other types of situations with commercial labs, I think, to be honest, they’re finding their feet a little still. Because it’s so new we have had some come back within three, four days early on. Some of them have taken up to a week and then suddenly started dropping back down to five days,” said Gleason.

“I think they’re still working through the most efficient way to get results out and you know, process as many samples as possible and of course in an accurate way.”

Oregon Healthy Authority reported on Tuesday that 4,350 tests had been completed around the state with 209 positive cases of coronavirus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed 54,453 cases across the country.

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