COQUILLE — The Coos County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday morning to sign a resolution giving its approval to enter a long-term enterprise zone agreement with Jordan Cove.

The agreement would exempt Jordan Cove from paying property taxes on its LNG terminal, which if approved will be built on the North Spit, for about 10 years.

In return for receiving property tax abatements, Jordan Cove is expected to pay a “community service fee” to the sponsor of the Bay Area Enterprise Zone of approximately $12 million a year for the first five years of its terminal’s construction.

If construction goes beyond five years, Jordan Cove will then pay $3.6 million per year until it reaches the 10 year mark. Coos County Commissioner Melissa Cribbins spoke at the meeting Tuesday informing attendees of the county’s participation in negotiating an agreement with Jordan Cove and its fellow enterprise zone sponsors.

All four enterprise sponsors, which includes the county, the cities of Coos Bay and North Bend and the International Port of Coos Bay, must approve the agreement for it to take effect.

In addition to approving the agreement, the county also approved the proposed distribution of the “community service fee” which would allocate funds to the taxing districts, schools and the Waterfront Development Partnership. Under the agreement, Coos County will receive approximately 15.5 percent of the community fee.

Coos Health & Wellness receives grant 

COOS COUNTY — Coos Health & Wellness sought approval Tuesday morning from Coos County Commissioners to sign a contract with Oregon Health Authority and secure a grant to continue its parent-child therapy program.

Approximately $74,700 was awarded to CHW to provide its Parent Child Interaction Therapy, an intervention program aimed at improving a child’s behavior through a number of communicative parenting strategies.

David Geels, of Coos Health & Wellness, told commissioners the department is interested in working with nonprofit organization Kairos, a group that provides mental health services to children and young adults, to provide training of the therapy program to its staff.

According to OHA’s website, the program helps provide treatment for young children between the age of 2 and 6 years old experiencing significant behavioral, social or emotional problems.

A therapist will observe the interaction between a child and their parent through a one-way mirror and provide guidance to the parent through a wireless communication system, said the website. The board voted Tuesday to approve the contract between CHW and OHA.

Road Department enters new paving contract

COOS COUNTY — The 2019 Coos County paving and guardrail projects were approved Tuesday by Coos County Commissioners to repair a number of damaged roadways throughout the county.

A bid from Knife River Materials was accepted to perform paving services for approximately $264,375, while a bid from Dirt and Aggregate Interchange, Inc. was also accepted for $84,900 to install guardrails.

Coos County Roadmaster John Rowe informed commissioners that roads, including North Bay Drive and East Bay Drive among others, will receive guardrails to address the safety hazard concerns regarding its sharp curves.

Rowe added the funds being used to pay for the services will come from the Oregon Surface Transportation Program. The projects are expected to be complete by mid-October.

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