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COOS COUNTY — On Friday, Coos Health and Wellness named a location to house the potential surge of novel coronavirus patients, which was worked on by its hospital and clinic taskforce.

According to Florence Pourtal-Stevens, public health director at CHW, the taskforce has identified the Baycrest Health Center, located on 3959 Sherman Avenue, as a possible surge facility.

At a virtual press briefing Friday, Pourtal-Stevens revealed that the facility underwent an initial inspection by the Army Corps of Engineers on Thursday to see if it could be adapted to safely handle novel coronavirus patients.

“Right now we’re waiting on the report from (the Army Corps of Engineers) to tell us what wing of the building we can use,” said Pourtal-Stevens.

The location, if it’s approved, would be used by Bay Area Hospital. As of now, each hospital in the county has its own emergency preparedness plan in place which includes identifying possible surge locations in their own respective areas.

According to Pourtal-Stevens, the taskforce has taken inventory and reported that at the moment the county currently has about 20 negative pressure rooms, or airborne isolation rooms, and about 20 ventilators.

The taskforce is looking into identifying more areas for surge capacity as well as additional medical supplies and equipment. It’s also checking into claims that anesthesia machines could help hospitals with ventilator shortages.

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