COQUILLE — After months of collecting feedback, Coquille Valley Hospital now has a new logo.

The logo, which features the Coquille River and valley as well as a bird whose wings form a heart, was chosen by more than 300 community members who participated in an online survey.

According to a press release by Coquille Valley Hospital, participants were asked to rank four possible design options in order of preference. Nearly half of the 336 participants who voted selected the logo as their first choice.

“It was important to us to get the input of the local residents when considering a change to our most visible and recognizable image,” said Coquille Valley Hospital CEO Jeffrey Lang.

Keeping the community in mind, the hospital sought to refresh its brand as a way to better reflect its mission and commitment to its patients.

“Many who took part in the public survey expressed enthusiasm and appreciation for the hospital’s decision to seek community feedback,” said the press release.

In the coming months, the hospital’s signage throughout its building will also be updated to reflect the new logo. The hospital also has an updated website that folks are encouraged to visit at

In addition to Coquille, the hospital also serves Myrtle Point, Powers, Bridge, Fairview as well as other neighboring communities within the Coquille River Valley.

“Its vision and mission are to improve lives through exceptional healthcare by providing excellent quality, high-value services, delivered with professional competence and compassion,” said the press release. “In addition to providing high-quality emergency services and primary care for children through adulthood, Coquille Valley Hospital also offers orthopedic and general surgery, endoscopy, colonoscopy, laboratory, medical imaging, post-hospitalization care and rehabilitation, wound care, sleep studies, pulmonary function testing, cardiac stress testing, Senior Life Solutions (SLS) and more.”

The new logo as well as other proposed logos was designed by the Turell Group, a full-service marketing agency in Eugene.  

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